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A gigantic oils spill, 2.5 to 3.5 billion gallons fo oil are spewing onto the ocean every day.
6 - 7 miles from the rig, is a fracture aprox 20 miles long, underneath the mantle of the Earth. underneath this fracture there appears to be a massive "gas bubble", methane gas, which is highly explosive. If this bubble explodes it will completely erradicate the Gulf coast and coast line.The massively strong winds created by the explosion could carry the toxic chemicals far across the world, even towards Europe and caussing countless deaths. Tidal waves also created could trtavel at aprox 400 - 600 MPH.
Huge openings have formed around the continental shelf, and caverns stretching hundreds of miles underground. The New Madrid fault line quakes are continuing and are increasing with risks of killing hundreds of millions of people.
The caribean tectonic plate is rising, The Mediterranian tectonic plate is moving North, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain and the UK are all at risk.
The celandic volcaon Katla, has been targeted by the Elites to create an eruption that could cause incredible damage. These eruptions could cause the sun to be blacked out, and cause freezing conditions for years to come.
Another gsa bubble has also been found underbneath Lake. Yellowstone.
The Elites are willing to use a nuclear divice to destroy that part of the world, theye plan to raise the bottom of the ocean and set the Pacific rim on fire which would kill millions of people in that area, and slao creat a Tsunami that would travel in all directions at speeds of aprox 300 - 400 MPH at 500 - 1000 feet high.
Toxic chemicals around the Gulf spill.
1. Hydrogen Sulfide - Broad spectrum poison, nervous system mostly affected, blocks oxygen form binding, and stops cellular respiration.
2. Benzene - Confirmed human carcinogen, leukemia, cancer of the lymph system, lung cancer and bladder cancer.
3. Mwethylene Chloride - Affects central nervous system, liver, cardiovasclular system, blood, irratation to the eyes and skin, respiratory ftact, cancer hazard.
All these chemical are spreading into the air around the Gulf coast and people are now beginning to show symptoms of these chemicals.
Unless someone stops this or there is a miracle, this will continue until the whole world has been poisoned.