Limitless Possibilities: Our Physical And Non-Physical Limitations And How To Overcome Them --- Lady of Light - March 10th 2012

Lady of Light

Lady of Light
March 10th, 2012


The number 1 thing to remember is: There ARE no limits.

The Illusion:

Limitations need to be broken, now more than ever. get rid of the illusion of limits. Anything and everything is possible, especially now. Great energies are in effect. ALL illusion is a limit. Every illusion going, is limit upon limit upon limit. It seems endless; until you realize it, and do something about it. I am not limited by anything that I do not choose to have as a limit. I do not take on illness because I healed an illness. It is not a limit I have placed upon myself. I do not see boundaries that I have not placed there for myself. As long as someone requests the help/healing, there is nothing to block me from helping/healing. Nothing at all. On that same note, I respect anyone who requests that I do not help/heal them. This is a choice that is made by the individual. But if someone is reaching out, there is no blockage to stop my energy from getting through. Others place limits upon themselves and choose to see "shields" around people; impenetrable shields; thereby not allowing them in. Then I say, it is not for you to be there because you are not ready to be there. Remove your limits and come back when you are ready. Because of the way I work, I do not require a cleansing after a healing. This, like any other "rule", is just a limitation based on what everyone is told. It is placed upon yourself, by your self. It is in fact an illusion that this is necessary. Healers don't need to take on the pain/illness for themselves; this is another limit and rule set by ???. The energy that is being pulled out of the other person, isn't really being pulled out; it is being changed, transformed. There is no need to burden one's self in order to rid someone else of their ailment(s). This is a way people rationalize how to remove someone's pain. Major limits like this CAN be overcome; the best way to overcome such limits, is to be aware of them and deny them as limitations.


Time itself is a limitation that has been placed upon us and it is an illusion that we can break. We just need to come together and choose to do so. Time is a stressor. One could say that time is the biggest stressor because it is time that we hold as passing by and the need to do things within that alloted time therefore causes much stress that is simply not necessary. It is TIME that says whether or not we work and get paid. Work is a stressor. The illusion of time is just that, an illusion; a grand elaborate illusion. There is no time; time does not exist. So why have it as a limitation?

The Afterlife:

The "afterlife" is another limit, mostly placed upon us by religions. This is an example of limits based on beliefs. We believe, therefore it is. This thinking is based on a process of control. Control over our minds that forces us to believe that it is true. The "this is what I was taught my whole life, so therefore it's true" mentality has beliefs like "when I die, I'll meet up with my loved ones", seemingly taking place because of the limits that are placed on us. We enter a different state of existence and whatever we believed to be true in this life, in this body, will ultimately become what is real once you leave this body. When you "die", you will end up wherever you BELIEVE you will end up. Belief systems are limits.


Karma is yet another limitation that is there to help you grow "spiritually", or at least so we're told. Ultimately, karma is guilt. guilt may not be felt until your next "existence" and therefore karma is carried over from life to life. If you remove guilt, and truly believe in the what is IS, and what will be WILL BE, and everything happens for a reason, then karma will not harm you and cause you to live a miserable life in your next existence. I'm not saying you can or should be evil and harm anyone; harm in my opinion is wrong; but just living a normal life where some things happen that are not the most proper and some people were hurt as a result isn't going to cause you to have a horrible rest of your life or have a horrible time in your next existence; unless of course, you CHOOSE to have that happen. Karma is a limit that you CHOOSE to have upon you, like any other.

Karma is a limitation place in our path so that we may learn. It is an obstacle to overcome on the path to enlightenment.


Ego is one of the larger of the limits. When we get angry over something, it is our ego. When we get offended by something, it is our ego. When you don't agree with someone because of your own personal beliefs, you limit yourself by allowing your ego to take over. Just because you don't agree with something, doesn't make it not right. Not right for you, is not necessarily not right for someone else. Rid yourself of the limited ego and allow for what is. We let others determine what we can and cannot do or say. This is a major limitation by the ego.

Field of Vision And Perception:

There are many things out there that are completely out of our field of vision. Some can see them, some cannot. Other things none of us can currently see. A good example of this is hidden picture puzzles. Something so obvious is hidden right in front of your eyes and it is impossible for you to see it, even if you've seen it before, you can't necessarily see it every time you look, especially when you are looking for it. People quite often believe that if they can't see it, it doesn't exist; this couldn't be farther from the truth. It just doesn't exist in their current field of vision.

A great example of this is the Mayans and the Spanish Conquistadors. The Mayans couldn't see the Spanish ships, until their shaman told them they were there. The shaman had a much broader field of vision than the rest of the tribe.
"South Americans could see the boats that the explorers landed in, but not the ships anchored offshore. Their shaman stared out to sea and by imagining what he was looking for, was finally able to make out the ships. He was then able to point them out to others, until at last everyone could see the ships. The shaman could do this because he alone was open to the possibilities of strange things from other worlds."- Magellan

So our perceptions serve as a limit. Our field of vision is limited. Perception has everything to do with everything while here on earth. Just because your perception tells you that it doesn't work that way, doesn't mean that your perception is right. There are things that will stay with you from the earthly perspective, and not allow you to see the greater perspective. Not everyone's earthly perspective is the same; in fact, NO ONE's is the same, it is only perceived to be.


By being aware of everything that goes on around you, both physically and metaphysically (spiritually), only then can you truly be aware and be able to remove these limitations. You must look at everything and not focus in on one thing. Drop all belief. By hanging on to what you think is true, you limit yourself from what truly is. You don't have control over your reality if you allow outside influences to have a hold on you; i.e. TV, radio, technology, other people's thoughts/beliefs, superficialism, materialism. If all you have is a want to be like others, and have what other have, you are locked and being influenced by the afore mentioned forces and limits.

We must remove all limitations. we are only limited by what we believe. There are NO limits, only limits which we put on ourselves our only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. We get these from beliefs from that which we are taught by others, or just from what we grew up believing was true. These beliefs are thrown at us through television, radio, music, magazines, movies, all forms of media. We need to look within ourselves to know what is right, and true. Rid yourself of beliefs, they hold you back and block you from attaining peace and enlightenment. They block you from healing. They block you from knowing and accessing higher energies; energies of good and love; energies that heal, energies of what IS. We are more than our beliefs, we just need to look and drop what we THINK is right and go with what we KNOW is right.

The only way to break free and remain that way, is to first and foremost, BE AWARE.
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