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14th of March
Anonymous 1st Vid asking Bernake to step down
(until Bernake steps down they will engage in peaceful disobedience. I am not sure Bernake saw this video)

14th of June
Anonymous Message to NATO
Relevant thread:

14th of July
Operation Bohemian Grove

According to this article:
Anonymous threatens to release "literally explosive" info about the Bohemian Grove, but they don't say that in the video... hmm...

21st of July
Anonymous the Plan - One Year - Three phases
Phase 1 - educate yourself - 15th of June 2011
Phase 2 - ??? - Initiates in Nov.
Phase 3 - ???

22nd of July
NATO is looking into claims that hackers have breached its security
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10th of August
Anonymous threatens to destroy Facebook on 5th of Nov
Video Removed by User
Possible Alternative video:
(In case you're wondering Facebook is doing fine)

17th of Sept 2011
Anonymous Promises "Day of Vengeance"
Occupy Wall Street?
Original video has been removed so I've found only these

2nd of Oct 2011
Anonymous - The Bankers Are the Problem
(video removed due to Copyright claims...)
Alternative video (still online at the time of writing):

4th of Oct 2011
Anonymous Says It Will Take Down The NYSE 10-10-11

Later on Anonymous will NOT Take Down the NYSE
(the later video was correct as nothing has happened)

9th of Oct
Anonymous Message to Ron Paul
(video seems to be in support of Ron Paul)

12th of Oct 2011
A message from Anonymous to the 99%
(some threats are made agaings the media that will not cover the protests)

2nd of Nov 2011
Anonymous threatens Drug Cartel
(this operation seems to have been cancelled:

3rd of Nov 2011
Anonymous message to Child Beating Judge
(some threats are made and some demands: public apology to the people of Texas and to the judge's daughter, immediate resignation)
(I did not hear any more about this, seems like empty threats)

8th of Nov 2011
An open letter from Anonymous to the government of Israel as response of blocking humanitarian help.
(Anonymous threatens to "strike back over and over until you stop")
"Israeli officials and security experts have rejected claims that a cyber-attack by the hacker group Anonymous was behind the failure of several government websites on Sunday, including those of the Mossad, the Shin Bet secret service, the Israeli army and some government ministries."
Relevant thread here:

15th of Nov 2011
Anonymous Bullies the FBI - "Do Not Mess with Anonymous"
(to my knowledge this was nothing but empty threats by some "guy")

7th of Dec 2011
Anonymous - Operation Horizon - Calls to peaceful protest on 17th of Dec

7th of Dec 2011
Anonymous - about bill S.1867 - clips end with parts of the speech from V movie calling to action on 5th of Nov.