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Yesterday, Ankara announced it arrested nine Turk citizens allegedly involved in the twin car bombing on Sturday that killed 46 and injured another 120 in Reyhanli town near Syrian border. Turkish foreign minister immediately after the terrorist attack, blamed Syrian intelligence agency for carrying out the bombing without any proof.

Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said the assailants were from Turkey, but were linked to Syria’s intelligence service.

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan while addressing a rally in Istanbul, raised rhetoric against Assad regime over twin car bombing by accusing Damascus for trying to drag Turkey into its civil war by such provocations.

Turkey’s opposition criticized the government’s policy on Syria, saying its active support of the rebels had put the country’s security at risk.

Mehmet Akif Okur, assistant professor at the Ankara-based Institute of Strategy, suspects a link between the Reyhanli bombings and the agreement to hold a joint conference on Syria, reached by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his US counterpart Israel-Firster John Kerry during their talks in Moscow last week.

“It looks like the story of a Turkish fighter jet shot down by Syria is repeating itself. Back then, as soon as the Geneva conference was proposed, our plane was downed. Now, another such conference on the Syrian problem is being planned, and again Turkey shudders, this time over deadly blasts. People who committed those crimes appear to have a certain strategy. And we see how, within the framework of that strategy, a potential response or no response is pre-calculated. When our fighter jet was gunned down, Turkey was evidently expected to openly wage a war against Syria and refuse to participate in the Geneva conference. In that case, it would have been in impossible for Turkey, as a country at war with Syria, to engage in dialogue about ways of ending the Syrian conflict. Also, there has been a sharp decrease in support of Ankara’s Syrian policy among the Turkish public. If we look at opinion polls, we’ll see how incidents like these encourage that process. The latest terrorist acts will predictably spark outrage among Turks and may prompt Ankara to revise its support of the Syrian opposition.”

Any political aware person knows that Turkey had violated Syrian airspace several times and along with French, Israeli and NATO officers, is providing military training to anti-Assad rebels since day one. In the past, even Turk soldiers had been captured by Syrian forces allegedly aiding the rebels.

Damascus, which has nothing to gain from such provocations – denied being involved in killing fellow Muslim Turks. Furthermore, Assad is not stupid enough to tangle with Turkey which has the fourth largest army among the NATO countries. In fact, Damascus had kept peace with even the Zionist entity since the 1967 Israeli invasion and occupation of its Golan Heights. The only two parties which gain from such terrorism – are pro-USrael rebels or the anti-Ankara Kurd militias who want to sabotage the recent agreement between Washington and Moscow to resolve Syrian conflict through dialogue between the parties involved.

US-born Eric Margolis, war reporter, author and syndicate investigative journalist wrote the following on May 10, 2013.

Moscow has been calling for such a conference for two years. But Washington rejected the idea in hope the Syrian rebels it was backing would prevail. However, now that the Syrian war is in stalemate, the US has opted, albeit reluctantly, for a diplomatic effort to end its war before the whole region goes up in flames.

The Assad government in Damascus was for decades a tacit Western ally that suppressed militant Islamists, kept its border with Israel quiet, and interrogated prisoners for US intelligence services. Damascus even muted claims to its Golan Heights, illegally annexed by Israel after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

But good behavior and cooperation did not help Syria when the US, Britain, France and Israel decided to go after Iran, Syria’s leading ally. When Syria’s President Bashar Assad refused to join the US-led alliance of western powers and conservative Arab states against Iran, his nation’s fate was sealed.

What is clear: Syria is being ground up and pulverized. Like Iraq, it is being severely punished for a defiant, independent policy and refusing to comply with western plans for the Mideast. Syria is also serving as a whipping boy in the place of Iran – a graphic message to Tehran of what can happen if its nuclear program is not switched off.

Watch a video below in which Brazilian investigative journalist Pepe Escobar describes how Israel provokes conflicts and wars in the Muslim world.

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