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Western colonialists are returning to the Muslim-majority African continent. Two year ago, to shore his falling popularity in France, former Zionist French president Nicolas Sarkozy (born to a Jewish mother and Catholic father) invaded Libya with the help of the US, Britain, Canada, Italy, NATO and several western puppet regimes in the Muslim world.

The former colonialist could not afford a oil-rich African nation not being exploited by the western vultures. Libya under Qaddafi was not a dictatorship as Zionist-controlled media protrayed it – but one of world’s most democratic states. It had free education, free medicare, and no homeless – something tens of millions of Americans still dream for. Under Qaddafi, Libya was unquestionably Africa ‘s most prosperous nation. Libya had the highest GDP per capita and life expectancy in Africa and less people lived below the poverty line than in the Netherlands.

France’s current Jewish President François Hollande is also losing his popularity at home. So, with the help of the US, Britain and Netherlands, he has decided to invade France’s former Muslim-majority colony, Mali.

On Friday, French military jets and ground troops began invasion of northern Mali to flushout the so-called “Al-Qaeda affiliated Ansar Dine Islamists” who were said to be enclosing on the capital city of Bamako. The French invaders have already lost a military helicopter which was shotdown by the “Islamists”, killing its pilot. French invading forces have killed 100 civilian while losing 11 malian soldiers covering French soldiers.

France’s Jewish Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius was quick to hail the weekend air strikes a success in halting Malian “terrorists”.

The current Mali crisis are direct result of French-led NATO invasion of Libya, during which the region-stabilizing Qaddafi government was brought down with the help of US-Qatar armed and financed Salafi thugs (Islamists/al-Qaeda) and released arms culture in Libya. The fall of Qaddafi also resulted in the mass eviction of Mali Africans by the French-NATO installed Salafi government in Benghazi. These Arab terrorists also helped CIA/Mossad in the assassination of US ambassador in September 2012.

British journalist and radio talkshow host, Finian Cunningham wrote on January 14, 2013: “Militrary intervention by France and the other western powers in Mali – under the guise of “defeating terrorism” – is a bridgehead for western capital and corporations, not only into a resource-rich country, but into a large chunk of the entire African continents“.

Mali is a cash-cow anyone of the western ‘Greedy 8′ (G8) would like to exploit. The country has estimated 350 ton of gold, more than 5,000 ton of uranium and more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia.

The western claim of “fighting against Al-Qaeda terrorism” is so absurd considering these are the same militant thugs which France-NATO used to bring a regime change in Libya in 2011. Currently, US-Israel-Turkey are supporting the same armed thugs against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Looking at the names of the coalition of vultures – Mali could become African Afghanistan for the western imperialism.

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