Truth feeder
Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes
July 8, 2011
A Jonesboro, Arkansas man was arrested after filming police conduct a warrantless search of a woman’s vehicle and body who was his neighbor. Across the United States, police are adopting tactics not even seen in the worst Third World nations. Infowars.com has reviewed literally hundreds of videos which document the fact that police at routine traffic stops handcuff drivers with no probable cause and then search their cars and persons.
In a video making a stir on You Tube, an Arkansas man looks on in horror as officers handcuff an innocuous looking woman, and then conduct a TSA-style search of her breasts and other body parts before releasing her. The cameraman filming police across the street from his garage yells “Nazis,” continuing to warn the officers that they were violating the 4th Amendment.

Three police officers then march across the street, up the driveway and into the man’s garage to demand that he show his papers. They then begin to discuss what they’re going to charge him with: “disorderly conduct.” No, let’s charge him with “obstruction of justice.” The officers then decide to go with “racial slur.” They then grab the camera away from the man and clap on the cuffs. The camera is then turned off.
Here are just a few of the glaring issues that need to be addressed:
1. Why are police now routinely putting people in handcuffs, then conducting warrantless searches of their cars and bodies?
2. Even if calling police “Nazis” from your own yard offends some people, it is still protected speech under the First Amendment. Also, officers can’t just arrest you because their egos are bruised.
3. Europe and Canada have passed anti-free speech laws dubbed “hate speech” laws, but in the United States, ‘racial slurs’ are not illegal. On top of that, calling someone a “Nazi” is not a racial slur, it is a criticism of the fascistic policies of Adolf Hitler and his followers, and is a pejorative used in modern parlance for people engaged in tyrannical activity.
4. In the video posted above, we witness the police grasping at straws, looking for a reason to arrest the man; they even talk about his grass being too long, and that he’d better look out for the code enforcement bureaucracy.
Upon completion of this article, we learned that this incident took place 11 months ago and is just now garnering attention on the web. Below is the statement of the cameraman arrested in his own garage. First police clearly state on the video that they’re arresting him for a “racial slur,” but he was later booked on the charge of ‘felon in possession of a firearm,’ even though he was not a felon. The charge was dropped the next day.

[h=2]Account from the man who was arrested sent to PrisonPlanet.com.[/h]On Tuesday, August 17th 2010 at around 7:45pm I returned home to find one cop interrogating a woman who was apparently pulled over across from my driveway.
I got out my video camera to record the incident happening across the street from within my garage. I was leaning on the back of my car (in garage) to steady the picture and recorded for several minutes. Two more patrol cars, now totaling three, had arrived.
The lady was standing outside her car, looking quite distressed at the situation. Cops then begin to search her vehicle and then let her go. One of the officers asked if I was “enjoying myself” from the road. I told him “you are a Nazi”. He cupped an ear like he couldn’t hear me, so I said it louder, “you’re a Nazi”.
One officer then pointed at me and said, “Arrest him for interfering”. Even though their traffic stop was complete and the lady driver was back in her vehicle preparing to leave. The cops were also preparing to leave when I spoke this.

Then he and his cohorts came up my driveway and into my garage. I told them all to leave and that they were not welcome. I repeated it several ways such as, “you are trespassing”, “leave my property”, etc…
One of three officers asked for my ID and I stated that I was on my property and had committed no crime. He quickly became aggressive and intimidating… belligerently pointing “I am a cop. Here is my badge. Show me your ID, NOW!”
I asked what he would do if I refused and he said I would be arrested. I then produced my ID and continued to request they leave my property, assuring them I had no warrants and clean history.
The second officer went to his vehicle and upon his return barked that he would arrest me with “hate crime” or “racial slur” for calling him a Nazi. I pointed out that Nazi was a political party, not a race.
After calling in my credentials, Ptl. Ben Runnels told me to put my hands behind my back. I asked, “Am I being detained?”. Ben replied, “Put your hands behind you back.” I asked if I was being arrested and if so what charge. He said, “Yes, disorderly conduct”
I put my hands behind my back and turned around. Ben took the camera haphazardly and bound my hands.
After marching me down the driveway next to their vehicles, all three began sifting through my pockets and locking the cuffs. The camera was turned off sometime around here.
I asked them to let me close the garage and they said, “no, we’ll close it when we’re done here”.
The lady who was originally pulled over had then turned around back towards Airport Rd. (was facing away) and stopped next to the shake down taking place near where she was originally pulled over. She rolled her window down calmly said, “thank you” several times. After she departed, the cops laughed and said she was thanking the “tree” behind us.
They collected the possessions on my person and put me in their paddy wagon.
Next all three officers went back into my garage, rummaged through my car and found my dog Ike in the back seat. Ike happily jumped out and pee’d on the grass while the enforcers pointed tasers at him. Then one of the cops discovered the leash from the back seat of my car and put it around his neck, then lead him inside without entering himself.
Next, while I was watching from caged patrol card, they rummaged in the front seat and found one of my many legal firearms. This was all done with the excuse of trying to find the garage door button or opener. The button to the garage door was on the wall, directly behind him but they decided to violate my 4th amendment after kidnapping me for exercising my 1st.
I was informed after they found the garage door opener and closing the door that I would now be charged with “felon in possession of a firearm”. I said, “who’s a felon?” and they shut the door and took me to jail.
Since I was charged with a felony, court appearance would be required to issue a bond. This meant I needed to stay in the felony side of jail with rapists, pedophiles, and others until the next court date. The man I was locked in a small cell came onto me several times and was completely insane.
The next afternoon was court. Upon arriving I was informed the felony gun charge would not be pursued, but the misdemeanor of Disorderly Conduct would stick. They are keeping my camera which contains the evidence of their violations of my rights by suggesting it evidence of my “disorder” charge.
Luckily I was booked on Tuesday, since court is only on Wednesday. Had it been Thursday, I would be locked into the cell for an entire week… all for a bogus charge that was dropped.
Immediately after being released on misdemeanor bond and having spend nearly 24 hours in felony jail, the firearm was returned to my possession.