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Now I live in one of these two cities, but was tired Friday night I fell asleep on the sofa watching a movie and didn't wake up until 2 am and heard nothing, I would've heard the choppers normally can always tell the sound of police chopper from a news chopper. Of course, the MSM Tv news didn't even mention it happened. How do you like those apples?

Somethings going to go down though, I "feel" it for want of a better word as I'm not psychic, another mass shooting outside of Milwaukee, Wis. See Drudge Report for details.


Another Martial Law Drill! Massachusetts Citizens Frightened By Midnight Military Exercises
Friday, August 3, 2012 16:47

By Live Free or Die

Kurt Nimmo
August 3, 2012
Editor’s note: After this story was posted earlier today, the Sun Sentinel in Hollywood, Florida, reported on a drill and advised citizens not to worry:people in Hollywood may be startled (again) by the sight of menacing looking figures rappelling from a Blackhawk helicopter over various public buildings. Don’t worry, though, it’s only a drill.
The Hollywood Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security are taking part in a Master Rappelling training exercise, according to a city notice.The training began Thursday and is scheduled to continue Friday afternoon at several government-owned buildings. But the specific locations are being kept hush-hush for security reasons.
The Pentagon is conducting surprise military drills with increasing frequency around the country, alarming citizens and acclimating them to the presence of obtrusive combat technology and simulated warfare.
The latest in-your-face training exercise occurred in Plainville and Worchester, Massachusetts.As usual, most citizens were unaware of the drills until helicopters swooped over their neighborhoods.

Even the cops were clueless. “A police officer sent to close off Main Street at State said he did not know what was going on, leaving the people around there to wonder. Left to their own devices, people thought the hubbub might be that it was filming for a new Sandra Bullock movie or that it was part of a police effort to round up all the gang members or prostitutes in the city.”
“We apologize for any inconvenience or unforeseen disturbance,” said Maj. Emily Potter, public affairs officer for the U.S. Army.

Decent of them at least we got an apology, (I know they're only following orders, but whose?)

Read much more @ » Massachusetts Citizens Frightened by Midnight Military Exercises Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Social media buzzes as Black Hawks drill
Military aircraft flying low over the city Thursday night were part of a military exercise being done by the U.S. Army. Without any prior warning, Worcester residents took to social media to ask what was going on?
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My problem with this whole thing is how the police just go along with it (I guess they don't want to lose their jobs)!

Especially in America it should be taught in schools the different train freedom and slavery. If it was taught properly in school like that these police then we have a difficult time setting up and preparing for martial law. After all we don't live in Nazi Germany!


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If schools were like they used to be just teach what was necessary to make something of yourself, instead of teaching the kids how to be a good little puppet. I don't understand why all the martial law drills. I guess it is good exercise for the police, they have alot of crazies to handle today.

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There's always been crazies, perhaps they are really not crazy and just thinking differently than we are and we classifying them as being crazy?


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Agreed, we were just talking about chemicals in the water. My friend has to go to a lab for blood work ( has to fast with only water, and mentioned the chemicals in the water)an electronic lab. I think we all know where that's going to lead to eventually. Even my friend who is not into the "know" too much about the goings on behind our backs , agreed when I mentioned it this morning.

Well with either of us it's not going to happen without a fight. The only way they chip us is to do it on the sly.


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Perhaps, but there does seem to be alot more odd ones out there then used to be. Whose to say. At least all of us here are attempting to figure it out. :)