[Video] Michael Jackson Still ALIVE! -- In Disguise on Larry King Live on day of his funeral!


Michael Jackson Still ALIVE! -- In Disguise on Larry King Live on day of his funeral!!!

Dave Rothenberg
Maybe a mix of Rothschild and Bilderberg in his last name it looks like deception to me once again........ricklbert

IwishIwasnot | November 04, 2009

*The evidence of his most recent disguise begins at the 2:17 mark on this video.

I am in no way implying that all of Dave Dave's appearances were played by Michael Jackson, but at least on the day of his alleged burial, the interview with Larry King was very likely him. He may be fixed up like anyone right now, but it would certainly be easier to get away with it as a 'legitimate' burn victim, because any imperfections in the make-up would be perceived as skin grafts, or actual injuries received in the fire...Dressed as anyone 'healthy', and it would look more like fake skin, at least up close.

Michael Jackson was made up to look like Dave Rothenberg, who MJ gave support to when he was burned by his father. The Larry King interview was on the day of Jackson's funeral!
Keep an open mind...what are the ODDS of a boy who MJ helped out, would grow up with Jackson's same vocal tones, AND the exact bone structure of his face?

The intention of this video is to prove the distinct possibility of a major media hoax on the death of Michael Jackson.
From the imposter giving the last conference at the O2 in London, to the 911 call that described a 'gentleman' who was in respiratory distress, instead of telling the operator Michael Jackson's name, there was much money to be made in the creation of this hoax...
and much FUN for Michael, apparently...
because he enjoys dressing up in disguises without
people recognizing him.

Watch the entire Larry King Live interview here:

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...and if you're interested, there is a video here of Dave Dave on, I THINK, the Bold and the Beautiful soap opera:

And 'Who Is It?' in acapella can be found here at this awesome channel:

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