[Inspiring] MMS is showing Progress


I received a supply of MMS Thanks Goe's to Rumas for Sending it.

My Son Ed has Cancer, and I have Diabetes, back Surgeries, and Knee Surgeries it's hard to believe but MMS is really working on Us my boy is not as sick as before while on chemo we have been taking it for the past 3 1/2 week and have seen the difference, before my son was sick to the max after Chemo now he feels better doesn't get nauseated and he is up and mobile since taking MMS he tells me he feels more energetic. It was hard to see him sick all the time after Chemo ,. I my self have notice my Sugar is more control sugar levels are close to normal....my high blood Pressure has gone away..you have to try to believe...I highly recommend it to everyone....:thumb_yello: