[Wow!] Monarch Programming, Freemasonry and Mainstream Deception


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I'm back. :applouse:

Miss me?

I am very grateful Lady of Light took a chance on my very colorful personal story five months ago. It has been a rocky road with Hilary Clinton biting my, (cough), ankles .... I don't know how Billy does it. America, the only country where Mikado gets harakedi for getting a blowjob .... this must be why they invented kabuki.


Linda Brown

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I like your thread topic IanChris....Monarch Programming, Freemasonry and Mainsteam Deception.

Its interesting to see it all in action. Linda

Lady of Light

Alejandro, your cause is a just one, and it is pulsing through your veins, that is clear. You stay the course and seek the vengeance that is necessary. I'm not an advocate of violence in any way, but I am an advocate of justice. The only way to expose people who do these types of things is to bring them and their actions into the light, and you are trying, I can see that. Keep going. It matters not what they call themselves or what faction they belong to, all secrecy is done in darkness, otherwise would not have to be secret. Exposure is the only way.

I took the chance with your story those months ago because I could see how genuine and sincere you were/are about your cause and what has happened to you. I may not always approve of your methods but that is irrelevant because I believe in you and your cause. You seek to expose and get justice and what is rightfully yours, and THAT is cause enough for me to support you in your endeavors.

This may have started out for you as a localized issue, but it is clear that it is world-wide and crosses many dimensions. This affects us all more than most care to see or think about.

I watched the video and continued to part 2. I found it all a little hard to follow at times, but I got the message anyhow. :)