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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The world welcomed a baby who was destined to truly shake it up! It was on this day in 1935 that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was born: Elvis Aron Presley (he later changed the spelling of his middle name to Aaron). There is hardly a soul alive who hasn’t heard the name or the voice or seen the swiveling hips of the teen-age idol of millions! From Tupelo, Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee with stops in Hollywood and Las Vegas; Elvis gave those who grew up with him, the musical memories of a lifetime. Their parents were brought kicking and screaming into a new generation of music; and their children now sing and dance to music performed by those the ‘King’ inspired.

From That’s All Right, Mama and Mystery Train, recorded for Sam Phillips in 1954, to Suspicious Minds, his last #1 hit under the control of Colonel Parker; Elvis Presley was an unequaled phenomenon. He became more than a singer to most of America; a symbol of changes in lifestyles, society and culture.

Today, those of us who were there can still sing Heartbreak Hotel; the words to I Want You, I Need You, I Love You will never escape us; Love Me Tender will forever tear at our heartstrings; while Don’t Be Cruel turns us all into karaoke stars; and, of course, Hound Dog conjures up a vivid image of the sensuous eyes and trembling lips of a young Elvis.

For those who had the good fortune to see Elvis, in person, in Las Vegas and at other venues; and for those who have visited Graceland; to an entire generation, the King still lives in music and memories.

Relive those moments. Get out your Elvis records, tapes, cassettes, CDs and play some real rock ’n’ roll. Play All Shook Up and watch a new generation twist their hips to his music.

Long live the King!

Events January 8

1790 - U.S. President George Washington delivered the first annual presidential State of the Union Address.

1853 - A bronze statue of Andrew Jackson on a horse was unveiled in Lafayette Park in Washington, DC. The statue was the work of Clark Mills.

1856 - Borax (hydrated sodium borate) was discovered by Dr. John Veatch near Red Bluff, California. It became a multiuse product that was popularized during the era of TV’s Death Valley Days. Remember 20 Mule Team Borax?

1889 - The tabulating machine was patented this day by Dr. Herman Hollerith. Wonder what Dr. Hollerith would think of Excel?

1901 - The first tournament sanctioned by the American Bowling Congress was held in Chicago, Illinois.

1906 - Arthur Rubinstein made his debut at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The concert received only a few favorable reviews.

1925 - Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky, appeared in his first American concert, as he conducted the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in a program of his own compositions.

1940 - Vincent Lopez and his orchestra recorded the third version of Lopez’ theme song titled Nola. This version, recorded in Hollywood on Bluebird Records, is recognized as his best rendition of the classic song.

1941 - Robert Baden-Powell, 83, founder of the Boy Scout movement, died.

1947 - General George Marshall was commissioned to become Secretary of State in President Harry S Truman’s Cabinet. Marshall started his new job on Jan 21, 1947, and served until Jan 20, 1949.

1951 - A cahow, thought extinct since 1615, was rediscovered in Bermuda. Fifteen-year-old David Wingate helped two scientists discover the cahow (aka Bermuda Petrel), a nocturnal seabird thought to have been extinct since the 17th century. Wingate went on to make a lifetime goal of saving the Bird from extinction.

1952 - Marie Wilson came to TV as My Friend Irma. The show, popular for years on radio, lasted two seasons on television.

1955 - After 130 home basketball wins, the University of Kentucky lost -- at home -- to Georgia Tech, 59-58. It was the first Kentucky loss at home since January 2, 1943.

1957 - In an article appearing in Look magazine, Jackie Robinson announced his retirement from baseball.

1958 - Bobby Fischer won the United States Chess Championship for the first time. Interesting note: Fischer was all of 14 years of age.

1960 - The NCAA met in New York and voted against reviving the unlimited substitution rule for college football.

1961 - Robert Goulet made his national TV debut this night on The Ed Sullivan Show on CBS.

1966 - The Beatles LP, Rubber Soul, began a 6-week reign at the top of the album chart. This was the seventh Beatles LP to reach the #1 position since February 1964. Rubber Soul stayed on the charts for 56 weeks. The other #1 albums for the Fab Four to that date were: Meet the Beatles, The Beatles Second Album, A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles ’65, Beatles VI and Help!.

1969 - Looking through his crystal ball, Joseph DeLouise announced on radio and TV and in newspapers that Ho Chi Minh would soon die. Ho Chi Minh died that year.

1973 - Carly Simon received a gold record for the single, You’re So Vain.

1975 - Ella Grasso became the governor of Connecticut. She was the first woman to become a governor of a state without a husband preceding her in the governor’s chair.

1979 - Sara Carter, a member of country music’s legendary Carter Family, died. Sara married A.P. Carter in 1915, and together with her cousin, Maybelle, they formed the singing group. Beginning in 1927, The Carter Family, through their many recordings, kept alive the traditional mountain songs which have influenced many folk and country performers.

1982 - American Telephone & Telegraph Co. settled the Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit by agreeing to divest itself of the 22 Bell System companies. (Actual separation happened on Jan 1, 1984.)

1984 - The Washington Redskins defeated San Francisco 24-21 after the 49ers staged a comeback with three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. With this victory for the NFC Championship, Washington earned its trip to Super Bowl XVIII.

1987 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average Closed over the 2000 mark for the first time ever.

1989 - 42nd Street Closed on Broadway after eight years and 3,486 performances seen by 10-million people. 42nd Street was based on the 1933 movie starring Ruby Keeler, **** Powell and Ginger Rogers. It told the tale of a chorus girl replacing an aging star who breaks her ankle just before opening night.

1990 - English comic/actor Terry-Thomas died of Parkinson’s disease. He was 78 years old.

1992 - From the Please Don’t Try This At Your Next State Dinner Department: U.S. President George Bush (I) fell suddenly ill at a state dinner in Japan. The Prez became pale, slumped in his chair and promptly vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister. What must have made this even more enjoyable for Mr. Bush is the fact that all of this was recorded on video tape for future generations to, er, digest.

1993 - Elvis Presley fans lined up at post offices throughout the U.S. The Elvis commemorative stamp issue was launched with a ceremony at Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis. In 1992, the Postal Service had narrowed the artwork choices for the stamp down to two images: one of Elvis in the 1950s as a sizzling young rocker, and one of him as a still-svelte superstar in his 1973 Aloha from Hawaii special. The USPS left the final decision up to the American people and distributed ballots coast to coast. Over 1.2 million votes were cast, and the image of the young rocker won. The Elvis stamp is the most widely publicized stamp issue in the history of the USPS, and it is the top selling commemorative postage stamp of all time.

1995 - Composer Louis Gaste, who wrote the song that was plagiarised as the hit Feelings, died at his Paris home. He was 88 years old. In 1956, Gaste co-wrote Pour Toi (For You) with his wife, singer-actress Line Renaud. The song didn’t become popular at the time, but in 1975 Morris Albert adapted it as Feelings. Albert’s recording made the top-10, and the song became a staple of lounge singers all over the world. Gaste sued the Brazilian singer-composer over the song and won half a million dollars in damages in a U.S. court in 1987.

1995 - Guys and Dolls Closed at the Martin Beck Theater in New York City after 1143 performances.

1996 - Former French president Francois Mitterrand died of prostate cancer in Paris. He was 79 years old.

1998 - Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the World Trade Center bombing on Feb 26, 1993, was sentenced in New York to life imprisonment.

1999 - The top two executives of Salt Lake City’s Olympic organizing committee resigned amid investigations into how far city boosters stooped to win the 2002 Winter Games. Investigators found boosters gave IOC members cash payments up to $70,000 and expensive gifts; and paid educational, travel, housing and medical costs of IOC members and their families. The possibility that prostitutes were hired for IOC members was also under investigation.

2001 - Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards was sentenced to ten years in prison. Edwards was also fined fined a quarter of a million dollars for a scheme to extort payoffs from businessmen who applied for riverboat casino licenses.

2002 - Fast-food chain founder DAVE Thomas died. He was 69 years old. The well-known face behind the Wendy’s restaurant chain died after a long battle with cancer. Thomas, wearing a Wendy’s apron, was one of the most recognized TV spokesmen in the U.S. He appeared in almost every advertisement for the burger chain since 1989.

2002 - Ozzie Smith, regarded as the finest-fielding shortstop ever, was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on his first try.

2003 - A federal appeals court ruled that U.S. President George Bush (II) could order U.S. citizens captured overseas detained indefinitely as enemy combatants without the rights normally afforded U.S. citizens charged with crimes.

2003 - A US Airways Express Beech 1900 turboprop crashed on takeoff in Charlotte, NC. All 21 people on board were killed.

2004 - The journal Science reported high levels of dangerous chemicals in farmed salmon; and that wild Pacific salmon had ten times less than the farmed ones.

2004 - Queen Elizabeth II christened the world’s largest ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2.

2005 - The death toll from the Dec 26, 2004 earthquake/tsunami passed the 150,000 mark.

2005 - Hurricane-force winds swept across northern Europe, leaving at least 13 dead: three in Carlisle, England, four in Denmark and six in Sweden.

2006 - U.S. postage rates increased by 2 cents for a 1 ounce first-class letter -- to 39 cents. The U.S. Postal Service was quick to point out that the increase was the first since 2002.

2006 - A magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred between the islands of Crete and Kythira in Southern Greece. Although residents were shaken up, there were only reports of minor damage at the island of Kythira, including 3 injuries.

2007 - Movie star Yvonne De Carlo died at 84 years of age. De Carlo is best remembered as Lily Munster in the TV series The Munsters. And she played Moses’ wife in the 1956 epic The Ten Commandments. In her 1987 autobiography, she listed 22 of her lovers, including Howard Hughes, Burt Lancaster, Robert Stack, Robert Taylor, Billy Wilder, Aly Khan and an Iranian prince.

2007 - A wildfire destroyed five multimillion-dollar homes in Malibu, CA. Among the homes lost was one belonging to actress Suzanne Somers.

2008 - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (39%) led Barack Obama (36%) in New Hampshire primary voting; John McCain (37%) led Mitt Romney (32%).

2008 - In his fifth State of the State speech, California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a constitutional amendment to keep the state from spending more than it collects in taxes.

2009 - The Bank of England cut interest rates to 1.5%, the lowest level since its founding in 1694.

2009 - U.S. computer maker Dell Inc. announced the relocation of its Irish manufacturing operations to Poland. The cost-cutting measure would result in the loss of some 1,900 Irish jobs.

2010 - New movies in U.S. theatres: ***** Slap, starring Lucy Lawless, Kevin Sorbo, Renée O’Connor, America Olivo, Michael Hurst, William Gregory Lee, Karen Austin, Mark Lutz, Debbie Lee Carrington, Minae Noji, Dennis Keiffer, Ron Melendez, Erin Cummings, Julia Voth, Rick Jacobson, Robert Mammana, aul Karami, Sabine Varnes, Eric Gruendemann, Krystal Badia, Astrid Swan, Thaddeus, Scott Hanley and Rich Kirby; Crazy on the Outside, with Tim Allen, Ray Liotta, Carrie-Anne Moss, Julie Bowen, Kelsey Grammer, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Sigourney Weaver, and J.K. Simmons; Daybreakers, starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Claudia Karvan, Michael Dorman, Sam Neill, Vince Colosimo and Isabel Lucas; Leap Year, starring Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, Bill Nighy, Kaitlin Olson and John Lithgow; the documentary Waiting for Armageddon; Wonderful World, with Matthew Broderick, Sanaa Lathan, Michael K. Williams, Jodelle Ferland, Philip Baker Hall, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Patrick Carney, Ally Walker, Zacharias Foppe, Christy Reese, Cristen Barnes, Mia Ford, Paul T. Taylor, James Burton and John Hambrick; and the comedy, Youth in Revolt, starring Michael Cera, Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, Jean Smart, M. Emmet Walsh, Adhir Kalyan, Portia Doubleday, Justin Long, Fred Willard, Zach Galifinakis, Erik Knudsen, Mary Kay Place, Ari Graynor, Tricia Mara, Jonny Wright and Rooney Mara.

2010 - An avalanche in Russia’s southern Caucasus mountain range killed five climbers, including an instructor. Four climbers in the party of nine survived the snow slide, which struck as they were ascending the Gedan-tau peak.

Birthdays January 8

1912 - José Ferrer (Cintron)
Academy Award-winning actor: Cyrano de Bergerac [1950]; Joan of Arc, Moulin Rouge, The Caine Mutiny, Deep in My Heart, Lawrence of Arabia, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Ship of Fools, Dune, The Evil That Men Do; Rosemary Clooney’s husband; died Jan 26, 1992

1920 - Elisabeth Fraser
actress: The Scarlett O’Hara War, Tony Rome, A Patch of Blue, Two for the Seesaw, The Tunnel of Love, Callaway Went Thataway; died May 5, 2005

1923 - Larry Storch
comedian, actor: F Troop, The Larry Storch Show, That Was the Week That Was, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Airport 1975, The Ghost Busters, S.O.B.

1924 - Ron Moody
actor: Oliver!, Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It, Nobody’s Perfect, Tales of the Gold Monkey II, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court

1926 - Soupy Sales (Milton Supman)
comedian, entertainer: Lunch with Soupy Sales, The Soupy Sales Show, Sha Na Na; recording artist: The Mouse, Spy with a Pie; game show panelist: What’s My Line?; actoron’t Push, I’ll Charge When I’m Ready Birds Do It; died Oct 22, 2009

1927 - Wally (Walter) Hergesheimer
hockey: NHL: NY Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks

1928 - Sander Vanocur
newscaster: ABC News, NBC News; TV host: History Channel: Movies in Time

1930 - Doreen Wilbur
archery: Olympic Gold Medalist [Munich: 1972]

1931 - Bill Graham
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert promoter, artist manager: The Grateful Dead, Santana, Neville Brothers, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones; killed in helicopter crash at Vallejo, CA Oct 26, 1991

1933 - Charles Osgood
TV journalist, correspondent: Universe; CBS News: CBS News Sunday Morning; author

1934 - Gene (Eugene Lewis) ‘Augie’ Freese
baseball: Pittsburgh Pirates, SL Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds [World Series: 1961], Houston Astros

1935 - Elvis (Aron) Presley
singer: That’s All Right, Mama, Mystery Train, All Shook Up, Love Me Tender, Suspicious Minds; 90 top-20 hits; actor: Jailhouse Rock, G.I. Blues, Blue Hawaii; over 30 films; died Aug 16, 1977; [see Long Live the King Day - above]

1937 - Shirley Bassey
singer: James Bond themes: Goldfinger, Diamond’s Are Forever

1938 - Bob Eubanks
TV game show host: The Newlywed Game, Rhyme and Reason, Card Sharks, The New Newlywed Game

1940 - Cristy Lane
singer: One Day at a Time, Let Me Down Easy, Trying to Forget About You, Janie Took My Place, Shake Me I Rattle, Penny Arcade, Sweet Deceiver

1940 - Jimmy O’Neill
DJ: KRLA, KFWB [Los Angeles], TV host: Shindig!

1941 - Anthony Gourdine
singer: group: Little Anthony and The Imperials: Tears on My Pillow, Hurt So Bad

1942 - Stephen Hawking
author: A Brief History of Time

1942 - Yvette Mimieux
actress: The Time Machine, Where the Boys Are, Toys in the Attic, Three in the Attic, The Most Deadly Game, Skyjacked, The Neptune Factor, The Black Hole, Circle of Power, Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception

1942 - John Peterson
musician: drums: group: The Beau Brummels: Laugh Laugh, Just a Little, You Tell Me Why, Don’t Talk to Strangers, Good Time Music, One Too Many Mornings; died Nov. 11, 2007

1945 - Ron Ellis
hockey: NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs [1963-1975/1978-1981] : tied Frank Mahovlich with 23 goals a piece [1964-65]

1945 - Kathleen Noone
actress: Skeletons, Hearts Adrift, Citizen Ruth, A Song for You, Passions

1946 - Robbie Krieger
musician: guitar: The Doors: Light My Fire, Love Her Madly, Riders on the Storm, Hello, I Love You

1947 - David Bowie (Jones)
singer: Space Oddity, Fame, Changes, Ziggy Stardust, Peace on Earth-Little Drummer Boy [w/Bing Crosby]; actor: The Man Who Fell to Earth, Just a Gigolo, The Last Temptation of Christ

1947 - Terry Sylvester
musician: Groups: Swinging Blue Jeans: Hippy Hippy Shake, Hollies: He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother, Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress, The Air That I Breathe

1948 - Joe Reed
football: Detroit Lions QB

1949 - Wilbur (Leon) Howard
baseball: Milwaukee Brewers, Houston Astros

1953 - Bruce Sutter
Baseball Hall of Famer [pitcher]: Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves

1959 - Paul Hester
musician: drums: group: Crowded House: Weather with You, World Where You Live, Fall at Your Feet, Locked Out, Don’t Dream It’s Over, Into Temptation; died Mar 26, 2005

1959 - Kathy Valentine
musician: bass guitar: group: The Go-Go’s: Our Lips Are Sealed, We Got the Beat, Lust to Love, Skidmarks on My Heart, This Town, Can’t Stop the World, Fading Fast

1966 - Maria Pitillo
actress: Godzilla, Wise Guys, Ryan’s Hope, Natural Born Killers, Between Love & Honor, After Sex

1969 - Brian Boehringer
baseball [pitcher]: Nevada-Las Vegas, NY Yankees, SD Padres, SF Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates

1969 - Ami Dolenz
actress: Stepmonster, She’s Out of Control, Can’t Buy Me Love, Growing Pains, General Hospital

1969 - R. Kelly
singer, music producer: I Believe I Can Fly, Step in the Name of Love, Thoia Thoing, Soldier’s Heart, Down Low [Nobody Has to Know]

1970 - Melissa Hill
actress: X-rated films: Bad Wives, Make Me Watch, The Butt Sisters Do New York, Penetrator 2: Grudge Day, Hawaiian Heat, Orgazmo, Dirty Bob’s Xcellent Adventures 29, Stiff as a Board

1970 - Jon Klemm
hockey: Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche

1970 - Darryl Williams
football: Univ of Miami; NFL: Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks

1971 - Jason Giambi
baseball: Long Beach State Univ, Oakland Athletics, NY Yankees; brother of player Jeremy Giambi

1971 - Billy Joe Hobert
football: Univ of Washington; NFL: Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, NO Saints

1971 - Darren Langdon hockey: NY Rangers, Carolina Hurricanes, Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, NJ Devils

1972 - Brandie Burton
golf: LPGA

1973 - Mike Cameron
baseball: Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners, NY Mets

1973 - Charlie Condou
actor: The Girl in the Red Dress, Charlotte Gray, The Infinite Words of H.G. Wells, Dead Babies, Martin Chuzzlewit, To Kill a Priest

1973 - Jarno Kultanen
hockey: Boston Bruins

1975 - Jeremi Gonzalez
baseball: Chicago Cubs, TB Devil Rays

1976 - Carl Pavano
baseball [pitcher]: Montreal Expos, Florida Marlins, NY Yankees

1977 - Amber Benson
actress: Latter Days, Chance, Taboo, The Enforcers, The Prime Gig, Take It Easy, Bye Bye Love

1977 - Jenny Lewis
actress: Don’s Plum, Pleasantville, Runaway Daughters, Daddy, The Wizard, Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter, Troop Beverly Hills

1979 - Sarah Polley
actress: Road to Avonlea, The Sweet Hereafter, Guinevere, Go, The Weight of Water, My Life Without Me, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Dawn of the Dead, Splice, Mr. Nobody, The Secret Life of Words, The Event, Love Come Down

1979 - Josh Waters
actor: Carolina, Bringing Down the House, Truth and Dare, Van Wilder, Sixteen to Life

1980 - Rachel Nichols
actress: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Star Trek [2009], Charlie Wilson’s War, Mr. Dramatic, Debating Robert Lee, Autumn in New York

1981 - Jeff Francis
baseball [pitcher]: Colorado Rockies

1982 - Gaby Hoffman
actress: Field of Dreams, The Man Without a Face, This is My Life, Field of Dreams, Sleepless in Seattle

Chart Toppers January 8

1947For Sentimental Reasons - Nat King Cole
Ole Buttermilk Sky - The Kay Kyser Orchestra (vocal: Mike Douglas & The Campus Kids)
The Old Lamplighter - The Sammy Kaye Orchestra (vocal: Billy Williams)
Divorce Me C.O.D. - Merle Travis

1956Memories are Made of This - Dean Martin
The Great Pretender - The Platters
Lisbon Antigua - Nelson Riddle
Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford

1965I Feel Fine - The Beatles
She’s a Woman - The Beatles
Love Potion Number Nine - The Searchers
Once a Day - Connie Smith

1974Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce
The Joker - Steve Miller Band
Show and Tell - Al Wilson
If We Make It Through December - Merle Haggard

1983Maneater - Daryl Hall & John Oates
The Girl is Mine - Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney
Dirty Laundry - Don Henley
Can’t Even Get the Blues - Reba McEntire

1992Black or White - Michael Jackson
All 4 Love - Color Me Badd
Can’t Let Go - Mariah Carey
Love, Me - Collin Raye

2001Independent Woman, Part 1 - Destiny’s Child
It Wasn’t Me - Shaggy featuring Ricardo ‘Rikrok’ Ducent
He Loves U Not - Dream
My Next Thirty Years - Tim McGraw

2010TiK ToK - Ke$ha
Empire State Of Mind - Jay-Z + Alicia Keys
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Consider Me Gone - Reba McEntire

Born Today 1935...Elvis Presley...R.I.P.