Mysterious spot appeared on planet Venus

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It takes but not with the spots in our solar system. Ran amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley in Australia last week in a dark spot in the southern hemisphere of Jupiter gas, now has his' colleague 'Frank Melillo from New York discovered a strange stain on our neighboring planet Venus. The cause of the appearance is so far a mystery. It is hoped that through future observations may show whether the cause should be sought by volcanic activity, turbulence in its atmosphere or charged particles from the Sunday

The presence of the stain was not much later confirmed by others and images of the European space probe Venus Express, the only vessel that is currently in orbit around Earth's sister planet rotates, showed that at least four days before Melillo stain saw was published. The observations show that the clear area has been somewhat scattered.

Details in the atmosphere of Venus are only visible if the planet in ultraviolet wavelengths as the viewing and bright spot, it is unlikely that a comet responsible for the appearance. One such item is a large amount of water involved and because it absorbs sunlight, the area of an impact on many occasions have been darker.

Another possibility is that a stream of electrically charged solar particles could cause the clarification by a portion of the upper layer of the atmosphere Venusiaanse 'feeding' with energy. Also, waves in the atmosphere of the planet have caused turbulence, which ensure that bright material has been gathered.

Another 'suspect' is a volcanic eruption. Although to this day found no evidence for current volcanic activity on the surface of Venus is the planet with the largest number of volcanoes and almost ninety percent of its surface covered with basaltic lava flows. If an eruption is the cause of the bright spot must be very powerful to have a dense layer in the atmosphere to penetrate and create a spot at 65 to 70 kilometers altitude is.

Using two spectrometers aboard the Venus must now go find out what has caused the appearance. One carried out measurements on the spectrum of light from the planet, while the other looks for traces of substances by measuring how the gases in the area to absorb sunlight. The instruments can change in the distribution of particles in the atmosphere and higher concentrations of molecules to identify and thus hoped that the cause of the stain on a not too long time to find out.

Sources: AstroVersum.nl