Nashville Judge Tells Cops "You Have NO Lawful Basis To Arrest Occupy Protesters!"


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It's good to see that someone has some sense. Thanks commissioner! Someone with a brain in his head.

But these bastards, called police, don't seem to give a s**t! Also, the bastards that passed the new legislature not allowing the public on public property are full of s**t too! Do they honestly believe this will stop people from protesting? Really? It'll just make more people come!

I love the chant while being arrested, too. "The whole world's watching!" And they are. The whole world is watching EVERYTHING that has to do with these Occupy protests. Millions/Billions of people are following these protests daily.

Thank you for letting these innocent people go, Judicial Commissioner Thomas Edward Nelson, Nashville! You did the right thing!

100th Monkey

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These people need to be fully knowledgeable and aware of the global conspiracy if they want to stand a chance, and that includes the judges, Commissioners and police!