Judgment and Ignorance - Lady of Light

Lady of Light

"People tend to judge situations that do not involve them based on ignorance. To not know what the situation truly is or what all parties involved think or feel, is cause for a situation to get completely out of hand. Don't judge before you know; and even then, don't judge just because you think you know. Better still, don't judge at all." - Lady of Light


Another quote inspired by family members. To judge is ignorant in itself. You can't possibly know, so how can you judge? It's easy to be swayed, yes, but that doesn't mean that you should judge based on those swaying points. Let it be.


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too many of us judge when we don't know a damn thing about whats going on. we assume therefor we judge. it's hard not to do and i think we all do it all the time.


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I think not judging at all would be great, unfortunate for alot of people it seems to be second nature. But you are right Lady of Light we can't possibly know the things on the other side of the coin. Wonder why people still persist in judging others? Must be just nature.