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1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age -- Videos, Documents

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Some backstory is required to make sense out of these events -- so I will fill in a few of the details I've already covered in several other articles.

In short, human ETs crashed in Roswell and other sites, were treated badly by the US Government, and began secretly working with China to make plans that still have not reached their fruition -- but involve the defeat of the bad guys and the freeing of our world.

This does not mean the ETs endorse China, nor their policies. It does mean that they needed sufficiently powerful allies on the ground to counteract a great negative force at the proper time. Earth humans still have to do most of the work ourselves.

This intervention required coordination with "Management" ETs that are much more powerful and evolved than those who require UFOs to travel. I have discussed this unseen spiritual ecosystem for over twelve years now on this website.


This discussion heavily relies on the data within the Law of One series, arguably the most verifiable material of its kind due to the extreme amount of provable scientific data in it.

The majority of this data has now been summarized and validated in The Source Field Investigations -- though I don't even mention the Law of One series until the very end. It's not necessary -- the science stands on its own, and is elegantly and deeply verifiable.

ETs have not been allowed to intervene on Earth beyond a minimal level, due to what has been called the "Quarantine" -- imposed by "Management" to protect Earth humanity's free will from undue influence.

We're all here to learn to love each other. Earth is a school, and Management insures that you will never have a greater opportunity to see the negative than to see the positive.

The degree to which they work to maintain this balance is extremely complex -- and up until recently, was so subtle as to be practically undetectable by anyone, including the Powers that Were.

Not anymore.

The Quarantine led to a false complacency within the Old World Order forces, who came to think they were running the show.

They actually believed the benevolent ETs were totally powerless to do anything to stop them, via universal law -- and could only stand back and cry in horror as they enslaved the planet.

This point was well-established in "The Rulers of the World," Bill Ryan's video interview with "Charles" -- a man allegedly sent to kill him, only to have a last-minute change of heart.

On his site Project Avalon, Bill has now 'outed' Charles as a negative influence that attempted to infiltrate and destroy the organization.

I do feel that Charles gave insider information as it had been told to him in the original video interview -- and these insiders do believe the ETs will just stand back and let them do whatever they want.

It should have been obvious all along that this wasn't really true -- because ETs have been systematically deactivating nuclear sites ever since Earth humans began building them... regardless of what country they were in. This includes China, India and Russia.

The ETs don't usually destroy the sites -- but they are clearly testing out their capabilities to completely shut them down in the event that any significant nuclear exchange was planned.

The Old World Order spent billions of dollars making propaganda movies to prepare humanity for the ultimate 9/11-style false-flag operation -- a massive and totally fake "Alien Invasion."

What they apparently didn't realize is that this "Alien 9/11" would violate universal free-will laws every bit as much as a nuclear war -- and therefore fell under the same jurisdiction in the eyes of Management.