New map of the universe suggests scientists mystery


New map of the universe suggests scientists mystery
Thursday, April 9, 2009


Huge cosmic emptiness and huge concentrations of matter are some of the phenomena they have observed in a review of the universe. The 'Six Degree Field Galaxy Survey ", research into 41% of the sky made. Here are the locations of 110,000 galaxies within 2 billion light years from earth mapped.
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Scientists are still new galactic map of the study but have been an equal number of notable observations are made.

For example, they discovered a piece of universe with a huge concentration of matter. Greater than ever previously seen. This piece of universe is known as the Shapley Supercluster. A group of galaxies that are extremely close to is printed. The enormous gravity pulls the other cluster galaxies for itself and this is increasing.

The investigation also discovered giant cosmic void. Documents universe where almost no stars or galaxies can be found.

One such gap is even 3.5 billion light years in diameter. The great void is ever observed.

The emptiness is so great that it does not fit within current models of the universe. Computer simulations show that the gravity ensures that the long-term galaxies to be pulled together. This would be huge emptiness can arise.

There is however a problem in these simulations. Namely, the time factor. The universe has always existed and the current models, there is simply not enough time for this huge gap to occur.

The question is how in such a short period kunnnen happen. It is expected that solving this problem may provide insight into other problems that scientists are now struggling. As the question why the local group (which we are part of it) with more than 600 km / s moves against the background of the big bang.

The current research has only touched on the southern half of the sky. They have begun to explore the northern half. They hope that this study provides more clarity on what is really going on.

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