Newseum honors newsman who armed Jewish terrorists


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To the great joy of Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, named after Holocaust myth maker and Mossad agent, the Washington-based media museum Newseum, buckled under Jewish lobby pressure, has dropped names of two Palestinian news cameramen from its 2012 ‘Honor List’. Cameramen, Hussam Salama and Mahmoud Al-Kumi, from Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV, were killed by an Israeli air-strike while driving through Gaza City’s Nasser area inside a car clearly marked “TV” in November 2012.

As expected, the Jewish lobby in its complaint to Newseum, ignored the fact that in 2006, Newseum, had named a terrace on Pennsylvania Avenue after Herman Greenspun, the Jewish owner of Las Vegas media empire and gun runner for several Jewish terrorist groups killing Palestinians in the 1940s. Newseum‘s dedication was in gratitude to Mrs. Greenspun’s donation of US$7 million.

According to the FBI files Herman Greenspun (died 1989), shipped 50 crates of .30 and .50 calibre machine guns stolen from US Navy in Hawaii via Mexico to one of the Jewish terrorist groups, Irgun, which were murdering and terrorizing the native Muslims and Christians in British mandate Palestine. Greenspun was apprehended attempting to illegally ship surplus combat airplane engines to Haganah Jewish terrorist militia. Former leader of Jewish terrorist militia Irgun, Shimon Peres (currently president of the Zionist entity) paid glowing tributes to Greenspun for his services to Zionist terrorism. “Greenspun was a hero of our country and a fighter for freedom – a man of great spirit who fought with his mind and his soul; a man of great conviction and commitment,” said Peres.

In 1952, the FBI investigated Greenspun’s $25,000 bribe offer to anyone to quash his indictment for smuggling arms to Jewish terrorist millitias. The FBI files also reveal Greenspun’s character assassination of both FBI director John Edgar Hoover and Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Greenspun even accused Hoover of being involved in homosexual activities.

In 1961, in order to please his Jewish donors, president John F. Kennedy pardoned Greenspun. John Edgar Hoover slammed the decision by saying: “This rascal should never get a full pardon“. In 2008, Greenspun’s partner-in-arm, Charles Winter, also received the presidential pardon. Both Winter and Greenspun were involved in the delivery of three converted WW II B-17 bombers to Israel Occupation Force (IOF). President Bill Clinton pardoned Jewish gun-runner Al Schwimmer and fugitive Jewish financier Marc Rich upon leaving office.

During the so-called “Iran-Contra” investigation in 1987, the Office of Independent Counsel Lawrence E. Walsh contacted the FBI for information about Greenspun and other American gun dealers.

The Zionist-Jewish “exceptionism” is also involved in the current IRS Scandal. While the Zionist-controlled mainstream media is blaming the acting commisioner Steven Miller, it’s ignoring the fact that much of the said abuse took placed under the watch of former IRS commissioner Douglas Schulman, a Zionist Jew. Obama has named Daniel Werfel, an under-qualified Jew, as the new head of IRS. Three of IRS directors in the past happened to be ‘Israel-Firster’ Jewish.

Schulman played favorites in the past by affirming AIPAC’s tax-exempt status even though the group was caught spying on America for Israel and admitted to bribing American politicians in exchange for the appointments of pro-Israel and Jewish candidates.

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