[Opinion] Not all chemtrails are associated with terrestrial aircraft.


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Am unable to post evidence at this time as I am a new forum member. that supports the hypothesis that not all contrails are created by terrestrial aircraft, that quite possibly there are other agencies at work in the skies above planet earth responsible for what is being witnessed and reported as contrails or geoengineering at this time as I am a new forum member.

Perhaps if there is some interest in this subject, others will engage this post until I can reach my posting requirements (10 post).

Sorry for the inconvenience, but if engaged I will deliver the goods.

Thank You!

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Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I for one would surely love to see what you've got. :) And for that, I will make it so that you can post your evidence.

The rules are in place to prevent spam, not to prevent legitimate information from being presented and spread. :)


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Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I for one would surely love to see what you've got. :) And for that, I will make it so that you can post your evidence.

The rules are in place to prevent spam, not to prevent legitimate information from being presented and spread. :)

Thank you Lady of Light for the exception! :wink:

Here is the evidence:

A gentleman in England is posting some interesting video on YouTube dealing with what could be called esoteric technologies.

Here are a couple I found interesting that deal with what appear to be aircraft contrails being laid in the sky overhead but with a twist – there appears to be no aircraft present.

And there are some UFO's flying around. in the May 3rd videos along with contrails without aircraft present.

Strange Chemtrails Over Welwyn Garden City March 3rd 2013

UFO Over Welwyn Garden City: May 3rd 2013

UFO Over Welwyn Garden City: May 3rd 2013 Part 2

Here are some video stills of same:

UFO Over Welwyn Garden City- May 3rd 2013 - YouTube[05-48-40].jpgUFO Over Welwyn Garden City- May 3rd 2013 Part 2 - YouTube[05-53-06].jpgUFO Over Welwyn Garden City- May 3rd 2013 Part 2 - YouTube[05-53-06].jpg

Again I thank You Lady of Light, and hope that your curiosity has been satisfied, I personally find the evidence intriguing. Take Care...

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I must admit, up until now, I thought all the chemtrails were our own craft. Clearly, there are no planes on those days in that town. I watch them spray all the time overhead and I try to zoom in and film what I can, when I can, but I have yet to see THAT!

Good evidence. Let's hope more comes this way. Thank you! :)

Truth Vibrations

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Wow, that is amazing...I got to get my wife camera and zoom closer to the planes. Every time I have looked, I saw a planes on my videos. Maybe they changed something? Thank you for the thought provoking post! WOW!


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I am located in the mid-west of the United States in Indiana, one day several years ago during May (2009), the sky above without exaggeration was inundated from horizon to horizon with chemtrails. Living within 75 miles of the Indianapolis International Airport, the landing flight pattern for terrestrial aircraft waiting to land in holding pattern falls within my geographical area. Anyway, I call 911 and in speaking to the dispatcher I ask if we were under biological or chemical attack, the dispatcher seemed to be unaware that the sky overhead was literally covered with what appeared to be aircraft contrails.

The 911 dispatcher in the course of the conversation had sent someone outside to witness the contrails after the witness confirmed the contrails the 911 dispatcher gave me the phone number to the FAA Regional Air Traffic Control Coordinators Office in Indianapolis (Indiana) stating that I could best get my concerns addressed there it was out of the jurisdiction of local emergency management. Upon calling the FAA Regional Air Traffic Coordinators office, I ask the same questions that I had ask the local 911 dispatcher, the individual I was talking to stated that there was not currently enough air traffic in the region to substantiate the number of aircraft and associated contrails in my local area on radar at that time that I was witnessing as I spoke with them. Too make a long story short, about 10 min after hanging up, the alleged aircraft were gone and by 20 min the supposed contrails were gone to, even though they had previously inundated the entire sky overhead, were talking contrails that were up to 150 miles long stretching horizon to horizon all points on the compass rose.

Anyway this is when I began questioning what my eyes were seeing on this particular subject.

The following link may be of some interest, the Welwyn Garden City videos I posted earlier made me remember something I had seen on the internet back in 2009 - 2010 time period, it concerns morphing aircraft laying contrails with UFO's present in some of the video.

The Best UFO Fake Plane Evidence

On this same subject one may want to review MUFON website case - 27684

Shape Shifting Airplane - Former Pilot Witnessed Airplane Changed Shape And Then Disappeared : MUFON Report (27684)

According former pilot eyewitnesses testimonial on MUFON website case - 27684 : I live on a mountain (3K+ feet OSL) east of Asheville NC. On February 5th, 2011 at 5:23 pm I casually standing out on my deck observing 3 hawks circling to the south of me. Then I noticed what at first I thought was a jet liner in the distance behind the hawks, moving east to west at a lower-than-normal rate of speed.

But it seemed different in shape (as the wings were not discernible) and speed and was south of me maybe 5 miles.

I quickly got my binoculars and observed what appeared to be a craft changing from an airliner (with a solid red tail, and that may be important) to a long cigar-shaped and bright silver craft. For maybe 5 seconds the craft disappeared behind some branches of trees in my view and after that the craft was nowhere to be seen in its ongoing trajectory/flight path.

It had literally disappeared. I'm a former pilot (with over 25K hours of flight time in ALL kinds of weather conditions) and I know all kinds of aircraft. This craft, again, changed into something else completely and then disappeared! That was a first for me, as I've seen many UFO's in my personal and flying career.

(Wit's name deleted--CMS/sg)
Asheville NC

Former Pilot Witnessed Airplane Changed Shape And Then Disappeared : MUFON Report - UFO Sightings 2013|Unidentified Flying Saucers|Aliens Videos|Extra Terrestrial|Space News|UFO 2013


Take care and good hunting for the pie that's in the sky.

Linda Brown

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There is an old rumor out here in the desert that there are such things as " racing shadows" which have been seen actually for hundreds of years. The local tribes speak of seeing " Shadows" on the floor of the desert.... sometimes hanging there and barely making a move across the sand and some of them " Racing" at great speed. The anomaly here is that .... there is nothing in the sky when these events occur. A cloudless sky.... yet shadows racing across the desert.

I have a feeling that ancient observers and what you are noting... might be the same thing?



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Ok that's freaky! You've got my attention. you've also got me believing that maybe some of the reason the military is out there with their planes too is because they are covering for the ones that are ufos. maybe just maybe that's one of the reasons and now that they've got up there they found other things they can do with their sprays. i think i'll be watchin my skies more carefully now.


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Linda Brown you may enjoy Christopher O'brian he wrote a book several years ago that deals with what native Americans call longwalkers. The title of the book was "Stalking the Tricksters" more information on this book is available at his website:

Stalking the Tricksters | Our Strange Planet | Our Strange Planet

Christopher was on Coast to Coast AM in 2009 discussing this book, the story he tells is compelling and entertaining here is a link to here the show

Take care. And by the way the flying shadows are caused by what native Americans call thunderbirds.

Lady of Light

I am in no way trying to debunk the idea of there being trails made by what seems to be nothing, however... I have to point out one fact that I found out 2 days ago.....

While trying to film the chemtrail spewing jets, although I could see them with my eyes, when zooming in on them with the camera, the plane would be in focus only for a short bit of time and then would not be there. The camera used, not being a predominant Video camera, (better than a point and shoot, primarily for snapshots but does decent video), autofocus on (haven't learned how or if this camera can turn to manual for the video), I was unable at some points to see the plane.

Now, I'm NOT saying that this is the case of what happened in the man's video above. What I AM saying is that it is possible for planes and such from a distance, especially with auto focus, to disappear from the camera's sights.

I still like the above videos and I'm still working on getting my own. There are things about those images that are strange and I'm wondering if anyone else has such pictures (not taken from video, actual stills), and if anyone else has seen such with their eyes. I have yet to.

Again, not trying to disprove anything, I was simply pointing out my own experience filming.