Obama Administration Sings New Tune on Foreclosures


Truth feeder
11-03-2010 03:50 AM

'The Obama administration is singing a different tune about foreclosures. A year ago, officials focused on stemming the foreclosure tide. Now they are touting the need for foreclosures to rebuild the housing market.

Last week Phyllis Caldwell, head of the Treasury Department's Homeownership Preservation Office, told a congressional panel that "an important part of ensuring longer-term stability in the market is to enable properties to be resold to families who can afford to purchase them".'

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this is y i will never get a mortgage for my property! no way.. i will struggle to keep my home from these thieves.... reguardless what it takes .... barney frankes is a real idiot to let that happen to so many people knowing these ppl couldn;t afford it so they could lose there homes credability.
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