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Barack Obama told Israel’s TV Channel 2 ahead of his visit to Israel next week that Washington was committed to cover Israel’s back from Iranian attack no matter what. He also said that Washington considers an Iranian nuclear weapon as the “red line” that threatens Israel and its big brother America.

However, Obama stretched the timeline set by Israeli leaders for the US attack on Iran. Obama, for the first time claimed that “it would take Iran a year or more to build a nuclear weapon“. I bet, Israel’s paranoid leadership and its American poodles in Congress and the Senate are not going to like Obama’s timeline. They all want an immediate pre-emptive strike over Iran’s nuclear sites.

Since Jewish army defeat at the hands of Iranian-backed Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizballah in Summer 2006 – the Zionist regime has gone “we-have-to-take-Iran” mode, doing everything it can to drag United States to war against the Islamic Republic – as it did against Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) in the past.

On March 11, 2013, RT published an investigative article written by Adrian Salbuchi, a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. Adrian Salbuchi claims that inspite of great political pressure from the Jewish Lobby, Obama administration doesn’t share Israeli zeal for a military solution.

My big brother America is gonna beat you up …!, has been Israel’s implicit message to Iran ever since (2006). But after seven years Israel’s window of opportunity is closing fast,” Salbuchi begins his article.

Netanyahu would have certainly loved to see staunch Zionist Mitt Romney make it to the White House in November’s elections but – Alas! – he didn’t, and Obama’s still living there, and even had the nerve of naming non-Zionist moderate Chuck Hagel as head the Pentagon.

It seems the US is taking an increasingly arm’s length approach to the ‘Iran Problem’ given the very serious geopolitical perils and overtones that any unilateral US/Israeli/NATO military attack on Iran would spell, which might even lead to direct confrontation with Russia.

Meanwhile Iran will not back down on its nuclear program, an issue the Obama Administration is taking an oddly calm view on. Significantly, the US even gave Argentina a subtle nod to negotiate with Iran over the 1994 AMIA terror bombing in Buenos Aires.

Since, theories have arisen that Bush, the US president at the time, coaxed Argentina’s President Kirchner into falsely accusing Iran, solely based on CIA/Mossad “evidence” delivered in October 2006, right after Israel’s fiasco in Lebanon.

Today the US and Israel have increasingly divergent interests and objectives regarding Iran. Israel’s are easy to grasp: Iran is Israel’s geopolitical arch-enemy, and one of the few countries that is up to the task of becoming a strong and credible leader in the Muslim World, especially since one of Iran’s key objectives is to do away with Israel’s hardline rule in Palestine.

The key question now is which shall prevail in the US in the weeks and months to come: American national interest or Israeli national interest?

This is really top level Machtpolitik so, just to be sure everything’s in order, the most obedient Western mainstream media are keeping “all options on the table” running all sorts of headlines to remind us how nasty Iran is, its nuke ambitions, poor Little Israel and its security issues (which is why they’re allowed to keep the sole nuclear arsenal in the Middle East, right?), the delicate state of the global financial system and why no one should be allowed to rock the boat and, of course, the never-ending “War on Terror…”, But now we know.

It is all about oil; it is all about the US-Dollar; it is all about a global financial system being kept artificially alive for mega-banker profit; it is about Israel… The flip-side of that coin gets even worse: It’s not about the interest of the working masses in the US, Europe and worldwide; and it definitely is not about Democracy or Human Rights.

And finally, it’s always refreshing to hear some lonely truth-teller in the pro-Israel-controlled US Congress. Watch the video below.

Israel’s big brother hesitant to attack Iran | Rehmat's World