Ohio train derailment prompts evacuations

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-- A train carrying thousands of gallons of ethanol derailed Sunday in northwestern Ohio, forcing nearby evacuations, emergency management officials said.

Video from the scene showed a massive blaze ignited by the incident near the town of Arcadia, though there were no immediate reports of injuries, according to Washington Township Fire Department spokesman Jim Breyman.

Some 20 homes in the area were evacuated after 28 of the 64 railroad cars -- each carrying approximately 13,000 gallons of ethanol -- skidded off the tracks, Breyman said.

Up to 200 emergency officials responded to the incident and were monitoring the fire in an effort to prevent it from spreading, he said.

At least two cars were on their side and leaking, Breyman added.

The cause of the derailment was not immediately clear.


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Wow, I would wonder what caused that. There have been other strange fires, like two junk yards and a rubber yard both caught fire and burned for quite some time. Wonder what the air quality is like.