Open LETTER To EDUCATORS ~ Vaccines have never worked!


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SOURCE: G. Edward Griffin's Website REALITYZONE.COM


Vaccines have never worked!
by: Victor Connor, BS., MS, scientist, engineer, parent and citizen
2009 October 2

Dear Educators,

As an educator, the parents of your community have entrusted their greatest resource into your care, their children. These young ones are the true innocents in every society. Many of them will automatically believe everything you say and just about all of them will do whatever you suggest while they are in your presence. While I say that our children are our greatest resource, they are not a commodity as businesses and governments often imply.

Regardless of what any school board states, education is not a business, but the most sacred duty of any civilized land. And your services, although not often paid well, are among the very most important services ever performed by any adults in any age. It is your efforts that help young minds bridge the gap of a child’s knowledge of himself to being connected to a much larger civilization.

I’m writing to you because I understand that you are being prepared to do something awful, something unimaginable, and something quite damaging to the young innocents in your care. You are being conditioned, like Pavlov’s dog, to send the children in your classroom to be vaccinated without the consent of their parents. But vaccination has never worked and not only makes a person’s immune system weaker, it sometimes gives them a disease. This is not my opinion, it is fact, which I’ll show below, and can be found by anyone who researches this practice.

Vaccination is an anachronistic and sometimes fatal practice like blood-letting, physicians not washing their hands, or electroshock therapy used to be....