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It’s reported that the incumbent prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to forge an alliance with second-runner Yair Lapid. Both have agreed on some ministerial portfolios which really bother me. For example, the selection of John Forbes Kerry as foreign minister, Chuck Hagel for minister of defense and John Brennan to head Mossad.

I am affraid some of Knesset members may not know the anti-Israel activities these three individuals have been involved in the past. Therefore, to set the record staright, I would like every one 120 of members of Knesset to know how to deal with the nomination of these three characters.

The only good thing about John Kerry, is – both he and his wife Theresa Heinz have Jewish family roots. However, John is a great supporter of antisemite Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. John made five visits to Damacus to meet Assad between 2009-2011. John did not support Ehud Olmert or Benjamin Netanyahu to isolate Damascus while knowing very well that Damascus was arming anti-Israel terrorist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizballah.

John Kerry is a climate change warrior, but we all know, climate change has nothing to do Israel. It’s a gentile problem. John Kerry has never supported Ehud Barak’s call to the European Union to classify Hizballah as a “terrorist organization”. John Kerry also met some Qatari leaders in New York and allegedly told them that he favored the withdrawal of Jewish soldiers from Golan Heights, West Bank and East Jerusalem. Kerry while in meeting with Barack Obama, did not urged US President to attack Iran. Kerry has also refused to pressure PA president Mahmoud Abbas to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Chuck Hagel is worse antisemite than John Kerry. Hagel doesn’t agree with Benjamin Netanyahu on later’s “red line” on Iran. Even US president Barack Obama has repeatedly said that “all options are on the table”, when dealing with a nuclear Iran.

Hagel lives under the illusion that Israelis should not challenge the White House because Israel cannot survive much longer without America’s economic, military and moral support. He also believes that Iran will never dare to attack Israel which has world’s fourth most powerful army equipped with nuclear bombs.

Chuch Hagel, like John Kerry, also believe that sanctions against Iran or Syria are not a good way to establish peace and democracy in the region. Hagel, too, has not called the EU to declare Hizballah as a terrorist organization. In 2005, Hagel did not object to Hamas taking part in Palestinian Authority elections supervised by anti-Israel Jimmy Carter. Hagel has exceeded Kerry by advocating negotiation with Hamas, which is bent on the destruction of the one and only Jewish state.

John Brennan is a funny guy. Though he claim to be Zionist Christian – he always refers to Jerusalem by Muslim name – Al-Quds, indicating that East Jerusalem is not an integral part of Israel. Brennan has claimed that Iranians don’t hate Jews or Israel. As some Iranian mullah, Brennan believe that it’s Israeli leaders’ and pro-Israel media’s “Iran bashing” which has forced Tehran to support anti-Israel groups like Hamas and Hizballah.

Brennan, like Hagel, too, thinks that a nuclear Iran doesn’t pose an “existential threat” to Israel – and Hizballah is a “moderate” national party with members in Lebanese parliament and the government in Beirut.

John Brennan, who is fluent in Arabic language – is against using terms like “radical Islam”, “Islamism” and “Jihad”, because they slanders Muslims in general.

Bibi’s choices for the three sensitive cabinet posts – if accepted by MKs, will certainly push Israel under the bus during Bibi’s second (Ooops! third) term in office.

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