Truth feeder
Moe Bedard
December 22, 2p0o09

The are many people in the freedom movement who believe an individual’s right to choose. Whether that choice is good or bad, it is up to that person to discern his or her own course in life within the natural laws of our land. That decision to sow a certain seed into what is now officially the New World Order will be something which*any individual will have to intelligently consider before partaking in any extra curricular activity on this prison planet.

In China, they don’t screw around with drug peddlers. They execute them. An individual’s right to use drugs in the police state and New World Order*in which*we live cannot be taken lightly. These laws are put in place by the commanding elite in order to keep a perpetual flow of forced inmate labor into their internment camps and also population control. Thus*enslaving many who find themselves*locked up or on parole*to a life of 24/7 slavery as opposed to voluntary wage slavery on the streets where*one can at least get a*10-12 hour break from your masters. Or if you want to pull the wool over your own eyes, you can all it a paycheck and a boss to deal with reality.

Simple usage of illegal substances in the Western Hemisphere can land you in a concentration camp (which we call prisons)*or death by*overdose. Those in the know, we understand that part of the NWO plan is to always allow a supply of* illegal drugs to circulate on the streets in order for population control methods and also forced inmate labor.

In China, they don’t screw around with drug peddlers.*They execute them.

Here in the U.S. and over the pond in the UK, the government uses petty criminals as slaves and now what appears to be evidence in this article*of human Guinea Pigs.

If you think about it, the powers at be*use*cocaine and heroin like a rat catcher uses cheese to entice the confused and beaten down rats*to take a bite, thus ensnaring them in*their rat traps that we humans know as our legal systems, jails and prisons.

For example, not only can cocaine and heroin lead you to a life in*out of a cage*with forced*labor, these drugs*can be*very*deadly without adding other chemicals into their natural*properties. Now it appears that cocaine is not only being released on the streets in larger quantities, it is also*being used to carry out soft-kills to the beaten down and trodden sheeple*on the streets.

MedPage Today:

The CDC has confirmed reports from other government agencies that cocaine users are at risk for agranulocytosis because of contamination with the veterinary drug levamisole.

Over the past two years, public health authorities in four western states, with help from the CDC, have identified 21 cases agranulocytosis cases attributed to cocaine use, according to a report from Monica Brackney, MS, of the New Mexico Department of Health, and others in the Dec. 18 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Although levamisole, an antihelminthic drug, was positively detected in only a minority of cases, the agent is a common adulterant in street cocaine, and agranulocytosis — failure of the bone marrow to make enough white blood cells — is a known, if rare, side effect.

Why illegal drug sellers use levamisole with cocaine is unclear, the researchers said.

From Bloomberg:

Two-thirds of cocaine smuggled into the U.S. is laced with a cattle-worming drug linked to a rare immune disorder in a rash of cases, a report says.

The veterinary drug, levamisole, was connected to new cases of the immune disorder agranulocytosis in Canada a year ago. Public health officials in New Mexico and Washington now blame tainted cocaine for a cluster of 21 cases of the illness, including one death, according to the weekly morbidity and mortality report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in Atlanta.

Sixty-nine percent of cocaine seized at U.S. borders as of July 2009 contained levamisole, the agency said, citing figures from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Washington. This is more than double the occurrence in September 2008. Levamisole, an antibiotic, is used to wipe out parasitic worms in livestock, including pigs as well as cattle.

Agranulocytosis “is a life-threatening condition,” said Deborah Busemeyer, a spokeswoman for the New Mexico Department of Health. “We’re advising people who use cocaine to seek medical attention if they have a persistent sore throat, fever, swollen glands, skin infections, or other unusual infections.”

One of the best ways to kill people en mass is to entice the potential victims to kill themselves by consent. What better way is there to carry out a massive secret soft-kill operation on the people than lacing illegal street drugs with a deadly chemical agent and then blaming it on the drug dealers and or*users?

SF Gate:

DJ AM died accidentally from a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs and cocaine, the medical examiner’s office ruled Tuesday.

The toxicology report showed the 36-year-old had in his system cocaine, OxyContin, Hydrocodone or Vicodin, antianxiety drugs Xanax and Ativan, Klonopin which also controls anger, Benadryl, and Levamisole, a drug apparently used to cut cocaine.

The cause of death was acute intoxication due to the combined effects the drugs, the medical examiner’s office said. The dosage of each drug was not released.

Guardian UK – Anthrax alert as heroin addict dies in Glasgow -

Police and public health officials in Glasgow are checking to see if the rare but deadly infection has emerged either from a batch of the drug or a cutting agent mixed with it.

Contaminated heroin is being investigated as the possible source of an outbreak of anthrax which has killed one drug user and left another seriously ill in hospital.

Levamisole is*a drug that is often used in humans, the brand name is Ergamisol. It is used as an*conjunction to a particular form of chemotherapy – fluorouracil (5-FU). Levamisole is a complex immunomodulator with an unknown mechanism of actions, but when used in this manner it has been shown to restore the depressed immune function associated with the use of 5-FU for chemotherapy.

Agranulocytosis, along with neutropenia, anemia, and throm Abocytopenia have all been noted in humans receiving the combination of levamisole and 5-FU, but such reactions also occur from the use of 5-FU alone. The incidence of such these adverse events is reportedly very low with levamisole alone, and appears to be more related to the 5-FU, or the combination of the two agents.

What is even more frightening is that
o f people that have been contaminated with the drug. Causing their kids to acquire agranulocytosis and neutropenia*which lower white blood count and severly*weaken the immune system.

Kostmann’s syndrome is an inherited disorder of the bone marrow. Children born with this condition lack neutrophils (a type of white blood cell that is important in fighting infection, also called granulocytes). These children suffer frequent infections from bacteria which in the past led to death in three-quarters of cases before 3 years of age. This disease is also known as severe congenital neutropenia (SCN).

Alternative names for Kostmann’s syndrome (or disease) include not only severe congenital neutropenia (SCN) but also infantile genetic agranulocytosis and genetic infantile agranulocytosis.

Here is a link that gives you the list of drugs which cause this disease in 85% of the people who aquire it. Please note that most all drugs are approved by the FDA.

Many drugs can cause agranulocytosis and neutropenia. The mechanism of neutropenia can be varied depending on the drug. Many anti- neoplastic drugs cause agranulocytosis and neutropenia by bone marrow suppression. Neutropenia and agranulocytosis can also result from antibody or compliment mediated damage to the stem cells. Some drugs may cause increased peripheral destruction of white cells. About three fourth of all agranulocytosis in the United States is related to drugs.

What also has been found is that levamisole can cause a nasty reaction*when*consuming alcohol. It is widely known that*cocaine users often combine alcohol and other drugs when using the narcotic and this choice can now be very deadly. Other reactions a person may have if they have taken drugs contaminated with Levamisol are – nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blotchy skin, hives, etc.

So, the question of the population control day is, “How did this potentially deadly drug magically become the cut of choice for 70% of the world’s cocaine?” My New World Order, educated*guess is that drug users are being used as guinea pigs for a mass population control method that will kick into high gear. It will involve lacing street drugs with other drugs that either kill the user or severely weaken the persons immune system. Thus, making them more susceptible to viruses that will end up killing them like the HIN1 swine flu. In addition, the users children will suffer from DNA mutations cutting the life spans of millions of children world wide.

If you use drugs of any kind, now may be the time to seriously consider quitting and abstaining from all use. This simple choice of deciding what we put in our bodies may now be what decides if your blood line will survive this New World Order.

Please circulate this article to your friends who use drugs recreationally or are addicted to them. These words are a warning of what is to come and is already here. What they*decide to do from there*may simply cure them or tragically*kill them. Knowledge is power and ignorance is now death.