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One of America’s top neoconservatives (mostly Zionist Jews) media outlets, the Foreign Policy magazine’s National Security Channel has suggested that Obama administration should declare Pakistan to be a state that supports terrorism. Its suggestion appeared in an article, entitled: “State of Terror: Why Obama should blacklist Pakistan—not just the Haqqanis.”

Former Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington, Husain Haqqani of memogate fame, who returned to America on a teaching assignment recently – was entertained at the Center for the National Interest, Washington-based neoconversative think tank. He told the gathering that the United States and Pakistan should stop pretending they’re allies and amicably “divorce”. He suggested that Islamabad will never sever its links to extremists (the resistance groups fighting in Afghanistan and occupied Jammu and Kashmir Valley).

Last week, Israel-Firster, Hillary Clinton, designated the Haqqani resistance militia a Foreign Terrorist Oraganization (FTO), a decision hailed by the Pentagon and the Jewish lobby groups.

The Haqqani resistance militia was founded by Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani, a senior Afghan Mujahedin leader who fought the USSR occupation of Afghanistan. The Mujahedin groups were trained and armed by the American, Pakistan and Saudi governments. Israeli intelligence personnel were also in contact with some of Mujahedin leaders. Jalaluddin was one of the Afghan leaders who were entertained by US president Ronal Reagan at the White House.

Haqqani militia was not part of CIA-ISI created Taliban. However, when Taliban took control of Afghanistan, Maulvi Haqqani, joined Taliban. Mullah Omer appointed Haqqani Minister of Tribal Affairs. As Haqqani got older, his son Sirajuddin took over the responsibility of military operations. American Viceroy in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, had even offered Haqqani to be Prime Minister of Afghanistan in the past.

Haqqani militia is not involved in terrorism. It’s doing what it was doing as an American ally in the past – fighting the Russian occupation forces in Afghanistan in the past. Now, it is fighting the US-NATO occupation forces in Afghanistan.

Last month, Washington boasted killing of Badruddin Haqqani, a senior Haqqani group leader as result of a drone strike. The Haqqani family denied the report.

Pakistani daily DAWN reported last week that Obama administration is still conducting secret negotiations both with Taliban and Haqqani group even after declaring the later a foreign terrorist organization. Washington in its desperation to maintain its military, drugs and Caspian Sea oil/gas interests – is trying to demonize Taliban, Haqqani, Pakistan and Iran by blaming them for sponsoring terrorism against American occupation forces in the region.

It’s said that one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. However, Washington prefers to cut the cake and eat it all alone. All Muslim armed resistance groups in Palestine, Lebanon, Chechnya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Philippines, East Turkistan, Kashmir, etc. have been designated as “terrorist groups” by the Judeo-Christian colonial powers.

In July, US defense secretary Leon Panetta threatened to attack Haqqani militia inside Pakistan if the Pakistan government didn’t disarm the group. He sounded like Netanyahu threatening Lebanese government to disarm Hizbullah because the Jewish army failed to do the job in Summer 2006.

Islamabad’s reaction to this flagrant lie, as expected, was mild. Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari discussed Hillary’s rant with country’s top soldier Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani. According to Pakistani press both agreed that Islamabad refuses to be dictated by Washington. Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington, Sherry Rehman, a darling of Jewish lobby, commented: “This is an internal matter of the United States. It’s not our business“.

John Feffer, an American writer and author, in his August 6, 2009 article, entitled Their Martyrs and Our Heroes, wrote: “We have our suicide bombers – we call them heroes. We have our culture of indoctrination – we call it basic training. We kill civilians, we call it collatoral damage….We have been indoctrinated to view the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a legitimate military target and 9/11 as a heinous crime against humanity. We have been trained to see acts like the attack in Tripoli as American heroism and attack at USS Cole as rank barbarism (though carried out by Israeli agents). Explosive vest is a sign of exremism; Predator missiles, of advanced sensibility….. Remove the occupying force and the suicide missions would disappear. It is not a stretch, then, to conclude that we, the occupiers (the US, Russia, Israel), through our actions, have played a significant part in formenting the very suicide missions that we now find so alien and comprehensible in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine, Lebanon, and elsewhere…..The fact is: Were we to end our occupation policies, we would go a long way toward eliminating “their” suicide bombers. But when and how will we end our own cult of martyrdom?”