Pakistan: ‘The Jewish lobby endorses Nawaz Sharif’


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On June 5, 2013, one of America’s most powerful Jewish lobby groups, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) website published an interview with Jewish lobby’s expert on Pakistan and Middle East, Bruce O. Riedel. Riedel is a former senior CIA official and currently a senior fellow in foreign policy at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy of the Brookings Institute, another Zionist front filled with cheerleaders (mostly Jewish) telling lies to Americans so that they will keep sending their sons and daughters off to fight those Israel and the Jewish-dominated Wall Street wars.

Biedel is a skillful Zionist liar, telling fibs about Pakistan, to give Obama and the Pentagon the decades long wars these Zionist warmongerers dream of.

In the interview, titled ‘A Turning Point for Pakistan?’, Riedel says that Pakistan’s new prime minister Nawaz Sharif, is cabable of resolving country’s long-standing problems with the US, India and Afghanistan. He believes Obama administration will find a “friend” in Nawaz Sharif. “You can be pessimistic about Pakistan and you will be often right, but Pakistan too important to give up on,” said Riedel.

Being a professional Zionist propagandist, Riedel, always pin-down Israeli terrorism on Muslims around the world. He claims Pakistan is a breeding ground for Islamic extremism. Pakistan, in fact, is a victim of Ziofacism.

The convicted terrorist, Indian Army officer, Lt. Col. Purohit, who had visited Israel, admitted receiving arms and money from Israel to kill Muslims and carry false-flag operations, blaming on Muslims. Several RSS leaders, during BJP rule had visited Israel. Various Hindutva groups had welcomed and celebrated Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres’ visit to India on May 17, 1993, and the closer ties with Israel which ensued. Among leading Indian media reporting attempts by BJP-RSS-VHP leaders to get closer both to Israel and to the Zionist lobby in Washington is The Times of India.

Indian journalist, Amaresh Misra, reported in December 2008 that Mumbai terrorist attacks were work of Mossad-RSS nexus. British journalist and author, Andrew Marshall, wrote: “The terrorists looked like an Anglo-American covert operatives. The entire Mumbai operation was an attempt by Anglo-American forces to destablize India and push it further into Israel-US orbit. Americans are keen to dismember Pakistan and need India as an ally in this project.”

Listen to anti-Pakistan propaganda lies below by two Zionist Jews, Craig Cohen, Vice President for Research and Programs at Zioconservative CSIS and Bruce Riedel.

Now, Pakistanis have to think, the leader who is praised by anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan Zionists – would act like a Pakistani Ahmadinejad, or USraeli puppets like Saudi ‘royals’?

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