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Pro-Israel Jewish groups are celebrating MSNBC’s firing of its political analyst, Pat J. Buchanan, on February 16, 2012 after four months of suspension. Pat was associated with the MSNBC for almost ten years. His downfall began with the publication of his book, ‘Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2015?‘ last year.

The powerful Israel lobby group, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) censored Pat Buchanan for the last two decades. In October 2011 – Abraham Foxman, national director ADL wrote a letter to Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, urging the network to stop giving Buchanan “legitimacy and credibility” by providing a platform for him as analyst – as “he continues to openly express anti-Semitic, racist and anti-immigration views“.

Even under suspension, Buchanan could not shut his mouth. In November 2011 article he called GOP a war party, praised Rep. Ron Paul and claimed that Tehran is not pursuing nuclear bomb – and that an US or Israeli attack on Iran will be disastrous for both the US and its allies in the region.

Pat Buchanan (born 1938) was GOP presidential contender in 1992, 1996 – and contested 2000 election on Reform Party ticket. As a White House official during Ronald Reagan presidency, Buchanan was blasted by Jewish groups for advising the President to visit German military cementery at Bitburg (1985). “The only one defending the trip was Pat Buchanan, saying, we cannot give the perception of President being subjected to Jewish pressure,” said Elie Wiesel.

Pat Buchanan is not friend of Muslims. He is a Catholic White nationalist Islamophobe. In 2010, Jewish groups praised Pat Buchanan for blasting Jewish billionaire Mayor of New York city, Michael Bloomberg, for his support for the construction of the Muslim Community Center a few blocks away from the so-called ‘Ground Zero’. Pat wrote on his personal website: “The issue here is the appaling insensitivity, if not calculated insult, of erecting a mosque, two blocks from a World Trade Center, where 3,000 Americans (in reality 2,864 including 35 Muslims and no Jew) were massacred by Islamic fanatics whose Muslim religion was integral to their identity and mission“.

Interestingly, in a 2010 interview, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, who claims Jewish family roots, said that Israel was behind the 9/11 terrorism.

The ADL in its latest report issued on February 28 – has called Pat Buchanan, “Uunrepentant Bigot, Racist and Anti-Semite“.

“Now that he has lost his position as a paid commentator at MSNBC, Pat Buchanan is trying to portray himself as an innocent victim of a campaign to discredit him,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. ”But if one looks at his long record of racism and anti-Semitism, it becomes clear that Buchanan is really the victim of his own, cumulative bigotry. Thanks in large part to the Internet and his many books and columns, Buchanan’s bigoted views are no longer hidden from view,” wrote Abraham Foxman, national director ADL.

ADL has selected some of the following Buchanan’s statements in the past to prove its point.

“Israel and its Fifth Column in this city seek to stampede us into war with Iran. Bush should rebuff them, and the American people should tell their congressmen: You vote for 362, we don’t vote for you” – in column ‘A Phony Crisis – and a Real One’, July 15, 2008.

“If you want to know ethnicity and power in the United States Senate, 13 members of the Senate are Jewish folks who are from 2 percent of the population. That is where real power is at….” The McLaughlin Group, February 2, 2007.

“Neocons say we attack them because they are Jewish. We do not. We attack them because their warmongering threatens our country, even as it finds a reliable echo in Ariel Sharon.” – ‘Neo-Conned! Just War Principles: A Condemnation of War in Iraq’, 2005.

“Who would benefit from a war of civilizations between the West and Islam? Answer: one nation, one leader, one party. Israel, Sharon, Likud.” - ‘Neo-Conned! Just War Principles: A Condemnation of War in Iraq’, 2005.

“Israel is in an existential crisis. It can wall itself off and annex what it wants on the West Bank, and leave Palestinians in tiny truncated, nonviable bantustans that will become the spawning pools of terror. Or it can give the Palestinians what Oslo, Camp David, Taba and the ‘roadmap’ promised; a homeland, a nation and a state of their own. Israel is free to choose. But American needs a Middle East policy made in the USA, not in Tel Aviv, or at AIPAC or AEI.” – ‘Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency’, 2004.

Well, Buchanan, my friend, even though you banned me on your website for defending the construction of Muslim Community Center near WTC – I must say you do sound like a Jew hater under the Hate Law!!

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