Pope Francis to bless gay but not woman clergy


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On Monday, Pope Francis I aboard his flight to Vatican from Brazil talked to reporters for over an hour about several topics being debated among the Catholic Church leaders including ordination of homosexuals and women as priests.

When asked about his views on gays and women being appointed priests, Francis explained, “you cannot marginalized these people. If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, whom am I to judge?,” he said.

However, he insisted that ban of female priests will remain in tact, telling reporters the question was “definitively” answered by Pope John Paul II, who was given birth by a Polish Jewish convert to Christianity.

In contrast, former Pope Benedict XVI, a Zionist double agent, had signed a document in 2005 that said men who had deep-rooted homosexual tendencies should not be priests.

The Argentinian-born Pontif was very close to local Jewish community. Pope Francis as Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, was a close friend of Argentinian Rabbi Abraham Skorka, rector of Latn American Rabbinical Seminary. The pair co-authored the book, ‘On Heaven and Earth’ in 1995.

In March 2013, Jewish leaders around the world hailed Francis as the new Pope. Israeli president Shimon Peres invited Francis to visit Israel. Last month, in audience with Jewish leaders at Vatican, Pope Francis said that a true Christian cannot hate Jews due to their common roots. On June 4, Francis met a delegation of Jews from Argentina whose relatives were killed in AMIA terrorist attack, a Mossad false flag operation.

Pope Francis’ long association with Argentinian Jewish community seem to have affected his thinking on the gay community and women at large. The Bible has nothing but insult for women.

“The social and legal position of an Israelite wife was inferior to the position a wife occupied in the great countries round about… all the texts show that Israelites wanted mainly sons to perpetuate the family line and fortune, and to preserve the ancestral inheritance… A husband could divorce his wife; women on the other hand could not ask for divorce… the wife called her husband Ba’al or master; she also called him adon or lord; she addressed him, in fact, as a slave addressed his master or subject, his king. The Decalogue includes a man’s wife among his possessions… all her life she remains a minor. The wife does not inherit from her husband, nor daughters from their father, except when there is no male heir. A vow made by a girl or married woman needs, to be valid, the consent of the father or husband and if this consent is withheld, the vow is null and void. A man had a right to sell his daughter. Women were excluded from the succession” said Roland Guerin de Vaux (died 1971), French Dominican archaeologist and priest who lead a Catholic team that initially unearthed the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Qumran ruins in 1951.

The pro-Israel groups, such as, the Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee and the American Federation of Teachers have been in frontline among the supporters of the LGBT movement.

On October 26, 2010, Jewish NewsMax reprted that Barack Obama appointed a rcord number of gay officials during his first term.

“Gay activists say the estimate of more than 150 appointments so far – from agency heads and commission members to policy officials and senior staffers – surpasses the previous high of about 140 reached during two full terms under President Bill Clinton,” reported NewsMax.

Holy Qur’an (Sura Lot) like earlier uncorrupted Divine scriptures (Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism), condemns and forbids homosexuality in all shapes. According to Islam, no child is born homosexual or lesbian. It’s the society which turn them into that unlawful practice. If it had been a natural process, the Creator would not have call it “sinful”. The act is not punishable under Shari’ah if it’s not practiced or propagated in open. It’s something a person has to deal with his/her Creature. In Islam, it’s a forgivable sin by Allah if the sinner repent sincerely.

In Islam, there is no bar on women to lead “women only” prayers. She is urged to learn, recite and memorise Holy Quran – and become an Islamic scholar. Holy Qur’an has dedicated an entire chapter to women (Sura Nisa). In total, Holy Qur’an praises Women at 173 places while men are praised only 25 times.

There is no Papal institution in Islam, though it’s practiced by some religious off-shoots like Ahmedia, Ismailia and Dawoodi Bohra.

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