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"...MMS will cure cancer"

Jim Humble: ...I did things like set up A-bomb tests. I worked on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. I was able to wire the first computer-controlled machine in the United States at Hughes Aircraft Company. ... So they called me in and had me repair the Lunar Vehicle. [laughs] And so, did they go to the Moon or didn’t they? [laughs] I don’t know whether they took it to the Moon or they took it out to the mountains in the desert.

... He was going through the files one time and he come upon this photograph, 8 x 10 photograph, that showed a space station on the back side of the Moon.

... I figured: They didn’t get all that gold out there. I can just go out and get a bunch of it myself. You know. And so I started in mining and I found out that pretty much that they did get all that gold out there after all.

... I developed new techniques for gold recovery.

... When you have a billion dollars invested in a particular process, it isn’t likely you’re just going to change, you know. It’s not something that they usually do.

... And these guys were really sick, and so I asked them if they would like to try to my water purification drops that I had brought along with me. And in four hours they were up, laughing about how bad they were feeling just a little while before.

... Normally speaking, a person who’s given MMS will be well from malaria in four hours. I’ve treated 2,000 people personally, and the people I’ve trained have treated over 100,000 people.
Bill Ryan: Are you allowed to say here on camera that MMS will cure cancer?
Jim Humble: Sure. [laughs] I can say it. MMS will cure cancer.
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