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Very intersting read. I wish they would fully disclose the truth to all of us. What a differnt world we would live in if they did.:emot-sad:

On return to Europe from the 2008 NEXUS Conference in Australia, flying out of Sydney, we stopped off in Thailand to visit a close friend who lives on the island of Koh Samui. Samui is well known as a travelers' international crossroads, and is also a place where a number of expats of all nationalities have settled.

There we had the good fortune to meet Jake Simpson [an agreed pseudonym]. We spent several days with him and got to know him, and his family, very well. His story, which we heard in great detail, was one of the most important and interesting we have ever heard.

None of the many long conversations we had were recorded, and we hope to capture an audio interview with Jake soon. The following concise summary was compiled upon return to the US, and has been checked for accuracy by Jake himself.

For reasons which will become obvious, we were at first quite unsure whether to release this at all. After a great deal of thought, and further consultation with Jake, we decided to make this information available. Assuming it is true - and we believe that it is - it could hardly be more significant. It dovetails with everything else we know. And in many ways, we wish that it did not.

Much of what follows is barely believable, so this may be its own best defense. Those who choose not to believe this information at all can relax - just a little, and maybe for a little while - with the knowledge that none of it can currently be proved. For the benefit of those whose jobs it is to monitor this information, we do not have any documentation of any kind. We are delighted, however, to consider Jake a close friend. We are absolutely certain that he is exactly who he says he is, and have talked with a number of people who have known him for many years.
In the report that follows, exact written quotes from Jake himself are presented indented and in italics, as in this closing paragraph.

Enhanced abilities
Jake Simpson was in a 'specialist field' [his preferred term] working for a nation friendly to the US. His early training, which is still with him, featured an enhancement of his ability to absorb written information. Incredibly, he has a reading speed of between 80,000 and 100,000 words per minute. To graduate from that class, he was given a copy of George Orwell's Animal Farm and had three minutes to read it before being tested on every detail. He scored 90%. This was adequate for a pass, but was not the highest score... another student scored 100%.

Jake is a very able psychic intuitive to this day. He is able to perceive when the AI [artificial intelligence] information gathering system was 'focused' in his direction and would periodically pick his exact moment to relate something to us. We observed this again and again. While it at all times seemed the same to us, sometimes Jake told us it was safe to talk, while at other times it was not. It took a little while for us to understand exactly what was going on here.

See below for more on this. We have not heard this information anywhere else in the literature, on the internet, or mentioned by any other witness. But I [Bill] had one experience that showed me directly that this was very real indeed.

Approaching Project Camelot

Jake had written to us by way of introduction:
I have spent many years previously working in abstract areas of national security on behalf of the various parties concerned. I have been very impressed by some of your interviewees' comments. Keep up the outstanding work.
Jake approached Project Camelot after our work had been brought to his attention by a friend. At first, he wasn't convinced that we were 'real'. However, his connections enabled him to do the requisite background checks, and he told us that it soon became clear that we passed muster.

He told us he knew everything about us, but that we had "nothing to worry about". Everyone who had ever tried to do something like we were doing before, apparently, had been killed. He told us he'd watched every one of our videos, admired what we did, and that we had a lot of courage. He assured us that some of what we have reported is very close to the truth, and that we had his respect.

Jake is one of many in military/ intelligence circles who are the 'white hats'. Idealistically motivated, he made his career choice when young, wanting to work for mankind and play his part in helping Planet Earth become a better place. Despite discovering the true, bewildering complexity of the world he had entered, he retained both his idealism and his job... and many years later decided to approach Project Camelot with a portion of what he now knew.

He told us that we had many of the correct puzzle pieces - and that, furthermore, it was understood that we work with integrity, and that we're not trying to breach any legitimate national security. He stressed that we were quite liked by a number of the 'white hats' who were monitoring us closely, despite our being on a number of 'watch lists' of every kind.

Jake helped us understand that if we kept our information general and didn't try to prove anything (with documentation or by any other means), we would remain safe. He stressed that it was very important not to get too specific on certain sensitive issues, and to be very wary of ever getting hold of any definitive documentation.
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