[Info!] Proof, that the sun is being blocked on soho.


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Check this image out. This is probably the best clear image that someone is blocking images from the sun on soho. So, are those little blocks all the spaceships? :livid: That would be my guess. :highly_amused: Must be some major activity today to have them block out this much stuff.

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Truth Vibrations

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I really want to know what the hell they're hiding, and I would love to hear their excuses. They're hiding something, keep watching,they'll eventually missed something that we'll catch it.


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Yes.... they have to be hiding some thing(s) or else there's no reason to block out spots like that. Very unusual pattern of blocking too. I think it's ships.

And, I do believe the excuses would be just as lame as usual for everything else. They'll just spew more BS expecting us to believe it and be satisfied with themselves. Well.... I'll tell ya, I won't be believing ANY excuses to come from those hiding stuff from us.