Putin smiles to Jews. Will they smile back?


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Not until Vladimir Putin, the Russian Czar, agrees with Netanyahu to isolate Syria from Iran and Hizbullah.

No, this post has nothing to do with Israeli attentions in the Middle East. It’s about Putin’s latest gesture of love toward the Russian and world jewry – while making an indirect antisemitic statement.

This all happened during Putin’s visit to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow. He said his regime has decided to house the disputed Schneerson Library in the JMTC complex. According to Russian daily Pravda (June 17, 2013), Putin told his Jewish audience that “the decision to nationalize the library was made in the 1920s by the first Soviet government, 80 to 85 percent of whose members were Jewish“.

Then, Putin concluded his speech by saying that Russia is passing the books to the Jewish community with a smile. Will they smile in response? I bet he will find out soon via another Mossad false flag operation to demonize Chechen resistance groups.

This is the first time, a Russian head of state has disclosed the composition of the National People’s Commissars which was kept as a secret during the entire USSR history. The very mention of the fact that Jews were in control of the Bolshevism and the Soviet regime was labeled as a “conspiracy theory” or outright antisemitism. In fact, all five members of the First Peoples’ Commissariat, were Jewish.

The Encyclopedia Judaica’s article on Communism, says: “The Communist movement and ideology played an important part in Jewish life, particularly in the 1920’s, 1930’s, and during and after World War II…Individual Jews played an important role in the early stages of Bolshevism and the Soviet regime…The great attraction of communism among Russian, and later also, Western, Jewry emerged only with the establishment of the Soviet regime in Russia.”

Someday, in the future, Putin may pick-up more courage and tell the Jews why many Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians and other westerners hate the Jews?

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