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The following are quakes near Calvary&Christchurch ,New Zealand between Sept.4,2010 & June 6,2011.{note; Clavary is the location outside Jerusalem where Christ is said to have been crucified}All the below quakes happened on Scientology holidays in a 9 month time window.The 2 largest quakes since Sept 4,2010 are on the list.What are the odds?

Sept.4,2010...7.1 mag>>Clear Day
Nov.27,2010...5.2 mag >>Publication Day
Feb.22,2011...6.3 mag>>Celibrity Day {this was the quake near Christchurch that killed about 22 people.
May9,2011>>>5.2 >>Dianetics Day
June 6,2011.>>5.5 >>Maiden Voyage Day
After June 6,2011 I began posting this info on the internet & the quakes stopped happening on Scientology Holidays.
In Voodoo when a witch wants to kill someone they make a wax figure of their target & stab it with pins or throw it into a fire....In my opinion TPTB want to destroy Christianity and their "wax figure" is Christ's Church,New Zealand.
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February 27 is the birthday of Emperer Constantine,who is credited with making Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.
On Feb.27,2010 there was an 8.8 mag megequake near Conception,Chile.Conception relates to the conception of Jesus Christ.
Here is a link that expands on the ideas above in detail.