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Medicine Wolf, an Iroquois Medicine Man, world-renowned scientist, MD (ret) and Naturopath has dedicated his life to "Healing Mother Earth and All Life." His understanding of ORMEs (or ORMUS) elements is unsurpassed. This knowledge has allowed him to create formulas that are unmatched in the world for their quality and effectiveness.

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None of the above description is true. "Medicine Wolf" is a constructed identity/alias of convicted felon Frank Leslie Dearborn.
This person is not a scientist, not Iroquois or Native American, Naturopath, Homeopath or anything else he claims in the area of education, credentials or experience.

Frank Leslie Dearborn is a career criminal and con artist whose criminal record goes back to at least 1984. He was charged with 25 felonies through 5 indictments in Reno District Federal court in 1991, pled guilty to 16 felonies and sent to prison.

He was smuggling and distributing unapproved and misbranded drugs into interstate commerce and preying on people who were desparate with issues of aids and cancer claiming 100% cure rates.

He was a carpenter in Reno for more than 20 years while engaged in ongoing criminal activity. He has no college education and is not a veteran of the US military though he claims to be a combat veteran of Korea and Vietnam.

"Don Medicine Wolf" is an alias that Dearborn constructed in late 2003-2004 as a way to conceal his criminal background and claim to be someone who was knowledgable, unusual and special for the purpose of gaining people's trust and confidence so that he could take advantage of them financially.

Frank Leslie Dearborn aka "Medicine Wolf" has at least 20 known alias'/constructed identities including the following:

Fran Anthony
Dr Fran Anthony
Francis St Germaine
Dr Francis St Germaine
Ron St Germaine
Rusty St Germaine
Larry Dearborn
Frank Deerborne
Twelve Wolf Running Deer
Ronald Wolf, MD, PhD
Donald “Rusty” Barnett
Dean Allen Webster
Dr Lee Mandell
Running Deer
Medicine Wolf
Don Wolf
Don Medicine Wolf
Dawn Wolf
Dawn Medicine Wolf
Dr Don Wolf MD, PhD
Dr Medicine Wolf

To sum up, he is not Native American, a veteran, doctor, homeopath, naturpath, biochemist, PhD, or physicist. Evidence is readily available through PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records), Bureau of Prisons, Reno Federal District Court and other agencies for those who wish to research this issue.