Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Oct, 2004 by Curt Maxwell


Recently, some patients brought their son to see me for low back pain. I was concerned by his emaciated appearance and noticed on the intake form that he had cancer. Naturally I asked about treatment and was informed he was receiving IPT (insulin potentiation treatment). I asked about diet and he told me, “The Doctor didn’t say anything about that.” I asked about IV’s. Even a ‘Myers cocktail.’ What about IV vitamin C? No, nothing. OK, so it’s great that IPT, by dropping the blood sugar level way down with insulin and then zapping the cancer cells with low dose methotrexate or other chemotherapeutic drugs, works well in many cases. However, it still belongs in the ‘medical mindset’ of treating cancer, which is,“Kill the cancer cells.”

But what about the other half of the equation? Building Health. Everyone who has any type of cancer has a disturbed immune system. Was he taking any immune boosters? Oncolyn, thymic protein A, IP6, Beta 1,3-D Glucan, Lactoferrin, Mushroom combinations? No. Anything even minimal such as high dose antioxidants? No. Nothing. Even though he appeared to be dying of cachexia, he had never heard of Hydrazine Sulphate, the amazing substance developed by Joseph Gold M.D, which inhibits the loss of protein and body mass in cancer patients. It’s available but like everything else that’s too good, it’s officially banned by the FDA.

This is in no way a condemnation of IPT. Far from it. I have the utmost respect for the brilliant Mexican Dr. Donato Perez Garcia who developed IPT and his grandson who carries on the treatment in his Tijuana clinic, of course with no government interference.

Nevertheless, I wonder if practitioners understand that to give the patient the best chance of survival, all aspects should be considered in supporting the killing of cancer cells by IPT. Detox measures such as coffee enemas are a basic. Likewise the restoration of health could be considered a primary component. Diet, supplements and immune support must be addressed. Whether one chooses to use the Gerson system, Dr. Kelley’s approach or Dr. Manner’s or any other proven system or combination or common denominator of such is up to the individual practitioner.

There is somewhat of a misconception it seems in much of the Naturopathic community, because of a so-called study done several years ago. A Naturopathic physician visited cancer clinics in Mexico and followed patients for several years. The ‘study’ showed that the five-year survival rates weren’t that impressive. The problem was that almost all the patients going to the Mexican clinics are medical failures to start with and have all received chemotherapy, which greatly impairs the immune system. Patients who are smart enough to figure out the system and get legitimate treatment’ without chemo have a very high survival rate. I know of no clinic or hospital in Mexico or anywhere else that uses only one modality.

Even many ‘alternative’ doctors are misguided when it comes to cancer treatment. In the recent Townsend Letter focusing on cancer, the Editor states: “When cancer does respond to treatment, invariably it has been complicated requiring not only surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, but usually numerous herbal and vitamin supports in addition to some form of positive mental thinking.” Because of damage done by chemo and radiation it’s difficult to understand any logic to this statement but let’s assume this is just politically correct rhetoric. The Editor also says, “We examine in this issue and in one issue each year the progress in alternative cancer treatments.” It would be wonderful to have real progress in alternative cancer treatments, although rather than alternative, the term should be ‘legitimate.’ It’s debatable whether we really need progress when all the wonderful treatments we already have are ignored and legitimate cancer-inhibiting substances are banned by the FDA. The letter from the National Cancer Institute is really pathetic. Notice that plenty of their ‘studies’ are combining CAM with conventional chemo and the rest of the proposed studies are mostly stupid and irrelevant. If the NCCAM is really committed to exploring legitimate approaches to treating cancer the first thing they need to do is get another Government agency, the FDA, to lift the ban on empirically proven cancer treatments such as Laetrile, Metbal and useful immune boosters like staphage lysate.

This will not happen. It’s easy to read between the lines. It’s a sham, merely a delaying tactic to try to appease. Their very heading, “NCCAM Seeks Scientific Answers on CAM for Cancer” is absurd. The key word here is supposed to be ‘scientific,’ and that usually implies ‘double blind’ studies. Chemo is a proven ‘scientific’ treatment. Proven to toxically poison several hundred thousand people to death every year. Where are the chemo double-blind studies? Just like many other drugs there are no double blind studies. What ridiculous hypocrisy! According to a report from the Harvard School of Public Health it’s calculated that 2% to 3% of those with cancer benefit from chemotherapy.

WARNING. The June 2004 issue of the Townsend Letter contains a letter from the National Cancer Institute. The writer is asking readers to forward (turn in) names and contact information of Doctors actively involved in treating cancer using ‘alternatives.’ Under no circumstances should anyone offer any information before clearing it with the individual practitioner. In many states Doctors treating cancer by legitimate means, which is other than chemo or radiation, can be subject to prosecution.

Even the use of CAM is misleading. Complementary and alternative medicine suggests using ‘alternatives’ to complement mainstream medicine. A better word is Integrative because a person’s health should be restored using an eclectic approach–utilizing the best for a particular manifestation from all branches of ‘Medicine’ including, but not limited to, Naturopathy, Oriental Medicine, (the various methods of acupuncture as well as Herbal formulas), Homeopathy in its various forms, Chiropractic and or Osteopathic manipulation, Western Herbal medicine, German Biological Medicine, Terrain Analysis, Natural Hormone Replacement therapy, Diet, Vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, Orthomolecular medicine as defined by Linus Pauling and all other non-toxic modalities. None of these modalities should be subject to any double-blind studies as empirical evidence is all the proof ever needed.

Most of the population are brainwashed into believing ‘mass media medicine.’ In his book, Answer Cancer: Miraculous Healings Explained Stephen C. Parkhill states. “If you want to identify the worst abuses of hypnotic power, without a doubt the two situations where abuse of hypnotic technique is causing the most illness or killing huge numbers of people are the corporate-driven news, as it uses electronic media to breed fear and emptiness, and the food and drug companies using the same electronic media to make people feel emptiness, cravings and symptoms of sickness.

This is not how any viewers would consciously choose to feel. But these feelings turn out to be the net result of too much time viewing the medium.” He goes on. “The thing that makes me mad is that wrapped in this sheep’s costume of harmless family entertainment, the real culprit of cultural decay doesn’t even have to offer its wares for inspection at the critical faculties’ guard shack. By recognizing the power of first impression, the consumer scientists knew to go after infant minds more than a generation ago. The materially-burdened, spiritually vacant images of their own self-serving America became what all too many people received as their earliest impressions once TV took hold. Consumer scientists learned to be there first when the eggs cracked open, and now the little ducks think the fox is mommy. By silencing all suspicion of power and intent, the real criminal slides straight into the subconscious mind of the viewer unannounced and takes powerful root. Quickly the critical faculty grows to protect the images installed by the consumer scientists. These are the same people who have been shaping the images that tell our subconscious minds what life should look like. Believe me when I tell you these people are experts at bypassing the critical faculty.”

Another interesting book, Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness by Jim Keith, in Chapter 1, opening paragraph, Keith says, “Agents of the world’s elite have long been engaged in a war on the populace of the earth. Greed is the motivation for this war, greed so pervasive that it encompasses the planet and all of the beings on it, but in recent times a philosophy has been used to justify that greed. It is the philosophy of mass control that ultimately aims at dictating every aspect of human life-even remolding man’s perception of reality and himself.”

Several years ago Suzanne Somers developed breast cancer. Instead of chemo she opted for some alternatives and compromised (I think) by allowing radiation. Suzanne Somers knows more about health and building health than most ‘alternative’ doctors. Also she is right on the mark with diet and weight loss. She appeared on Larry King and I felt bad for her because she really had to ‘back peddle’ when it came to talking about her choice of therapy. Larry King again asked her about her treatment and what it was and she told him Iscador, the German anthroposophical treatment developed why Rudolph Steiner back in the twenties. He asked her why she chose that and she said it was because it was non-toxic and killed the cancer cells with no collateral damage. Larry King then gave away his ignorance by asking something like, “Well if it’s that good why don’t the oncologists use it?” She gave a big part of the answer by saying Iscador could not be patented. Actually, that is a major key to the whole problem. Natural products, for the most part cannot be patented. The cancer establishment does not want a cure for cancer unless it’s a patented, very expensive one.

Why would they? With over half a million people employed in the industry, billions of dollars of revenue coming in every year from several hundred thousand people being chemo’d to death, (average cost of around $200,000) what would be the incentive? Don’t be so naive to think anything noble. Won’t happen. That should be completely obvious to any clear thinking person. If the cancer industry really did want a “cure” then why would every viable treatment be condemned? Just look at the history of the industry. Everything from Harry Hoxsey’s herbal formula that has cured hundreds over decades and still is at the Bio Medical center in Tijuana, to William B. Coley’s toxins which have amazing ability to boost the immune system. Royal Raymond Rife and his incredible microscope and frequency machine, proven to cure cancer very quickly but just as quickly destroyed. Max Gerson, a rather complicated but absolutely proven treatment now under the direction of his very capable daughter Charlotte, in Tijuana. Dr. William Donald Kelley, who cured himself of Pancreatic cancer about three weeks before death and went on to cure many cancer patients with his system, utilizing the ignored work of John Beard and developing a system of Metabolic typing among other interesting modalities, before he got tired of government harassment and quit. Dr. Harold Manner, who was head of the biology department at Loyola University eventually left and opened a clinic in Tijuana. He states in the introduction of his book, The Death of Cancer “The administration of Loyola University of Chicago also deserves our sincere gratitude. Although they have been under continuous attack for allowing me to continue my work, they have steadfastly upheld my academic freedom, the right to conduct research and report my results.” They were under continuous attack because no proof was wanted that Laetrile had any anti-cancer properties at all. That was in 1978. Meanwhile in California Dr. John A Richardson, who had treated several hundred people with Laetrile and vitamin C with much success, was ridiculed and prosecuted as a Quack, his license revoked and his career destroyed, all by 1977.

Dr. Manner did absolutely legitimate university research with laetrile and proved this substance, especially when combined with certain vitamins, a powerful anticancer agent. It was banned and labeled ‘quackery.’ When Dr. Richardson was locked up, Dr. Douglas Brodie ran his practice for him. It wasn’t long before the authorities were after him too. After all, in the people’s state of California it was (is) illegal to treat cancer any other way except surgery, radiation and chemo. (Cut, burn, poison) Dr. Brodie moved to Nevada, where he practices to this day and now approaching 80, could be considered the ‘father’ of nontoxic US cancer treatment.

Dozens of patients have achieved ‘permanent remission’ from Dr. Brodie’s treatments.
In 1989, a patient and friend of mine, Jim Lawler of Kasilov, Alaska, was diagnosed with Leukemia. He was in rough shape with sores all over his legs, canker sores in his mouth and subject to colds and infections. He was also sleeping 18 hours a day. Oncologists said they could try and treat him but it was probably hopeless as no one ever survived. He heard about a Greek Doctor having great success with all types of cancer. Jim immediately contacted Dr. Hariton Alivazatos and left for Greece. He joined the line of about three to four hundred Americans, every morning, waiting to see the Doctor or his staff. All the patients were given a diet sheet and received daily injections. By the fifth day the sores on Jim’s legs were gone. By the 14th he was able to easily walk several miles around the Greek ruins and by the 21st day was in full remission. So far this remission has lasted more than twelve years! There were many other cures but also some failures, just as there is in other legitimate cancer clinics because most trusting, naive and ‘brain washed’ Americans seek the services of regular Oncologists. Only after they are told the situation is hopeless and they are almost dead do they seek so-called alternatives. Of course by this time most of their immune system is severely compromised by the toxic chemo.

Nevertheless, a good percentage survive. Those like Jim who didn’t have any toxic therapy have a very high survival rate. Dr. Alivazatos had such great success that survivors and supporters, all very naive people, wanted him to come to the United States and share his great cancer cure. Dr. Alivazatos, also apparently quite naive, came to the US but quickly found that the ‘authorities’ wanted to ‘steal’ his formula. He was right to be suspicious. He returned to Greece a very disillusioned man. The chances of his system being used with him getting credit had about as much chance as an inventor who designed a carburetor that would allow a big V8 engine to get 75 miles to the gallon, ever getting to market. Zero.

International Biologics Hospital in Tijuana offers the treatment under the direction of the very capable Roberto Tapia, MD with continued success. Dr. Alivazatos’ formula consists mostly of a few vitamins and an amino acid. It was marketed in the US under the name Metbal or Cellbal. It contained no drugs or synthetic ingredients. If there was nothing to it then why did it become illegal and join all the other cancer inhibitors on the FDA’s black list of supposedly “unproven” cancer treatments? Simple answer: Like Laetrile and all other threats to the Cancer Industry it worked too well and could not be allowed.

What about the empirically proven work of Drs. Virginia Livingston Wheeler, Kurt Donsbach, Geronimo Rubio, Ernesto Contreras, Harold Manner, Johanna Budwig, Gerhard Ohlenschlager, Heinrich Kremer, Franz Xavier Mayr, Abram Hoffer, Robert Bradford, Hulda Clark, Hans Neiper, Emanuel Revici, William B. Coley, Jesse Stoff, Hariton Alivazatos, Lawrence Burton, Stanislaw Burzynski, Joseph Issels, Keith Brewer, Jimmie Keller and others. For a fuller review of successful treatments see Definitive Guide to Cancer by Burton Goldberg.

Several months ago I referred a ‘terminal’ lung cancer patient to Dr. Rubio and Bill Frye’s American Metabolic Institute in Tijuana. The patient is now in remission and leading a normal life.
Jimmie Keller was not a doctor but had suffered from Cancer and after radical surgery failed, cured himself. He got remarkable remissions, especially with breast cancer at his Tijuana clinic. He was illegally kidnapped in Mexico and bought back to the US for a typical ‘kangaroo court’ trial. He was convicted and as far as I know he is still locked up for the crime of curing cancer.

In 1984 Dr. Brewer took Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg’s work and translated his theories into a practical treatment for cancer, expanding Warburg’s thesis using cesium to alkalize. He got remarkable results, treating 30 patients with various cancers. Results? All thirty survived. Why wasn’t his work hailed as a cancer breakthrough?

Look what a disgusting time Dr. Burzynski has had and his treatment is particularly successful with children’s brain tumors. All over the country poor little kids are tortured and killed by the thousands with chemo and radiation, every year. What a crime. Why can’t people see what’s going on? Maybe people cannot understand the depths that man can sink to, all for profit and greed. I really think that’s the key. Most people are honest and really believe we have a system that’s trying to do right. Even commentators like Bill O’Reilly don’t get it and seem to have no clue to the truth and he’s living in a state that has particularly nasty medical regulators. US a free country? Sure. Mass media brain washing has done a really excellent job because even intelligent people like King and O’Reilly don’t understand. Burton Goldberg, in his book, Alternative Medicine: Definitive guide to Cancer sums up the situation well. Talking about alternative treatments, he says “Many powerful economic forces–pharmaceutical drug companies, physicians’ trade groups, insurance companies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the latter two being taxpayer-funded organizations within the US government, want health care to stay exactly the way it is because they’re thriving under it. Successful alternative approaches to cancer are a direct financial threat to this system. They are also a serious intellectual threat to the belief systems of conventional medicine. If nutrition and the immune system are so crucial to health and healing and they have never addressed either, this means conventional doctors will have to “go back to school” to catch up.

It’s not just the treatment of cancer that could be considered criminally inadequate; it’s the treatment of all degenerative disease, including the number one killer, heart disease.

There are cures for almost every condition and disease. These cures are suppressed. Almost every disease or malady has a business built around it and these businesses actively suppress any solution that would destroy their income base. Drugs cannot cure. They suppress symptoms. All drugs have secondary effects, some life-threatening themselves. Iatrogenic disease is now considered the number 3 killer. There is no health care system in the US. It’s a farce. It has nothing to do with health.

The mainstream position on diet is wrong and is the main cause of illness and obesity. Recent studies have shown that saturated fat and dietary cholesterol do not necessarily raise serum cholesterol and serum cholesterol has little if anything to do with heart disease. Partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated fats, cis trans fatty acids, all sugars, processed grains and processed foods in excess are the problem. Dr. Robert Atkins was always right about carbohydrates and this will be totally proven over time. The Atkins diet is not a high protein, high fat diet. It is a low carbohydrate diet. That is, low intake of starches and ‘high glycemic’ foods.
The US Medical system has probably the finest emergency medical care in the world and also amazing technologies to diagnose disease but should be considered criminally negligent when it comes to treating degenerative disease.

The drug pharmaceutical companies control Medicine and direct research. There is no open research. If researchers go ‘off the path’ of researching pharmaceuticals, they are fired and blackballed. The FDA is bought and paid for by the Drug pharmaceutical companies. (See

The only time the system will change is when it’s forced to because people no longer seek the services of Medical Practitioners with no answers except drugs which only suppress symptoms, while no attempt is made to treat the cause(s). No one can ever be drugged or poisoned back to health.

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