[Must See!] Really weird stuff Bleeding trees.


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Bleeding Trees: An Apocalyptic Sign? The Apocalypse Of Ezra Predicted It

I don't know if you consider this Apocalyptic or not but ran across this on Before it's news and decided to get your opinion of it. It is definately different.

One theory to explain this: Planet X is pulling Iron Oxide towards the surface of the earth and it is entering the water tables turning rivers to blood and the trees are absorbing it and it turns their sap blood red…



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I've seen trees bleed before but this is a lot more estreme than i seen over 30 years ago. always thought it was just sap. still do.

if its relly a sign of the apocolypse like they say then why has it been happening for so long?

sure this is creepy lookin and more severe than what i saw as a kid but i wont believe its a sign of end times.


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More likely you're right it, is sap, sure is alot of sap though:) It's is creepy never knew that trees had that much. It seems like every generation thinks they're in end times.