Recognition of our soul mates
Friday, March 13, 2009

According to ancient wisdom: the soul all experienced on its way to perfection. This is not possible, even in eternity and infinity. God made this course possible, but he invented something better, that a "group soul" would work much better. Members of a group soul are essentially one, all soul experience already in the flow than to the other souls. All knowledge and wisdom of individual souls in different ways of life are also referred to as knowledge and wisdom to the whole group. This saves time in cosmic terms. Not everything is''individual''to be experienced: every soul will eventually also omniscient, without that we have about all these experiences to us have taken. After wards, a group of others can join and be part of the larger universal whole. All experiences are shared experiences, and everything a unique individual soul, will remain intact.

Soul Groups are now as much as possible on Earth together. Through the ages, there are occasionally experienced group souls simultaneously or in rapid succession reincarnate to humanity to help a quantum leap in consciousness to. Everywhere in the world where there is the power of women and the spirituality of men lead to reunification of soul groups. We realize that we all wake up with some to be our home and capabilities to recognize and responsibility for ourselves and the Earth we take.

Souls groups have a clear goal, even if it is initially not so obvious. Once they know their mission or purpose, they often work together. This cooperation is already in full swing to the right spiritual interpretation to be checked. They want the utmost spirituality and disseminate best explain what spirituality is. This spread is deliberate and objective by offers from various courses and many spiritual books. On the Internet you can really examine everything spiritual field there has never been so much information available right now. We live in a pretty exciting time for us together to promote spiritual knowledge.

We recognize our kinship soul usually in cooperation, or that both do the same work, or that the same 'vision' feeling there is. Or if the spark suddenly leaves, it can between man / woman or woman / woman or man / man. It has nothing to do with sex, recognition is through the same vibration are absorbed. If recognizable shall come, you are of myself behind in the 'context' is the soul recognition. Vibration for each group is different and the higher vibrations that are purely to the group.

Soul Related surpass each other, they encourage and inspire each other, then even more to learn, which in turn leads to more hunger for knowledge. This soul relatives have the same vision. In their interior they are convinced that the true meaning and interpretation of life, lies in the fulfillment of the divine purpose. They devote themselves to an end what for them is predestined.

Soul groups are Light workers. If soul groups together creates a true luminosity of energy which is considered to be light in the darkness. A soul group counts on average (172) soul relatives in different degrees. It does not mean that such a group will be complete in this life here on Earth or in this dimension, there is work to maximize soul and relatives to get together. Together they are strong, it is their power of Light and Love on a purely exceptional level. As more groups will be reunited more Light and Love distributed, it works as a catalyst and this benefits the whole of humanity and the Earth, this is what all souls stand up to things.

There will always be recognition between 'souls', we are very different to the' wandering 'been in our own, and we are certainly not alone. It is so that we have knowledge of recognition re-activate. Souls themselves are often at each other, we just can not remember. We are all relatives of each other soul and live in harmony and peace together. In each group are men and women and the recognition is often more with a set against sex, then own gender. It is a great feeling to dead relatives to meet again. It gives you a feeling of togetherness that deeply, because love and respect for each other very long, like a memory, which in turn is found.

So soul groups consist of about (172) souls, but also soul and Mates About Souls and Twin Flames and Soul Groups arising from divorce and out into smaller units. The smaller the group, the stronger the interdependence. Soul Maatjes are average (144) and are a part of a soul group. A group (24) About Souls (multi-dimensional self), an affinity group that soul is closer to that of the soul buddies. There are (12) Twin Flame souls in a group, then your own (creative light master) so on, there are several variants. The recognition will always be there, it is the art to find out if that recognition comes from the fact that both from the same soul group came. Or that in a previous life or in another dimension or on another planet, an intimate connection or relationship had.

If soulmates even family apart in what context, therefore, will clearly be their commitment previously been. Thus it can happen that two or more souls in the same group earthly family is born. Such a gift will also bring its own difficulties with. Maybe include a parent and a child of the same soul family, making these two a special relationship. This can also lead to jealousy in the other family members. In what degree relatives soul therefore, this will automatically be clear, what that relationship is without doubt on which side or the other. Spiritual partners will realize that the reason for their being together has to do with the development of their soul. (If there is no recognition between the other, it is good to again see where that unilateral recognition than comes from.)

Before twin souls: as Twin Flames or Soul or Mates About Souls reunite means that they have a high degree of completeness reached. It is expected to reunite that those souls sufficiently evolved, each in their own unique way. These twin souls who sprang from their soul group, is two in one, these two parts complemented each other perfectly to. These two halves are separated and each went a different direction. So they now their divisional soul easier to recognize.

Recognition of these backgrounds is a part that nothing in the mind to do, only if there is a soul who did this piece of knowledge and also understand this is easy. Of course it is beautiful when two souls together to recognize each other. Is this not the case, this person is still that other soul and stimulate further inspire and challenge with the same vision.

A twin soul or twin flame or soul mate is your other self, the other side of self. If your twin soul is, you see yourself apart from the appearance (3D) third dimension appearance. In addition, those paths are often crossed it's just that you met each other on this planet in this dimension. By separate paths, twin souls have different experiences.

The other part of our''other''soul, brings maybe something which is missing in ourselves. Twin Souls are divided and have formed into two rounded personalities, two minds think the same and other points appear very different.

If they meet, they are two independent clearly identifiable individual. They have a long way, hopefully, their own emotional problems. There is no competition between them and a place is not above the other, they go with respect to each other, so that any pain other than pain growth is excluded. They want harmony and explain differences in soon. These same sentiments are also with all other soul groups present.

In our''evolution''but is a goal, return to ourselves at an advanced stage of completion. This is possible if your emotional male and half female in balance. Your physical appearance of the third dimension (3D) appearance are in balance. That your mental side (Ego) female and male side of yourself in balance. Your energetic side in balance. Your higher self-body, short (I am presence) that is the challenge, then you accept you, who you are, this is achieved by inner wisdom.

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