Remember by Charlotte Smith, aged 13


This is a poem written by Charlotte Smith, aged 13! She must be in to David Icke!

by Charlotte Smith, aged 13

Remember who you are,
Your real self isn't far,
Remember what you forgot,
You need to follow the dot to dot

We've been kept in a cage,
Fed greed, anger and rage,
Taught how to want and need,
To kill because of greed

In this cage, no room to stand,
Only room for them to demand,
We don't know the truth of life,
Only the curves of a killing knife

We make fool of another's mind,
We are taught not to be kind,
They feed off our sadness and fears,
They drink unhappy, upset tears

They want us to fight in any war,
So they can laugh at the horrid gore,
To bet all their money on who will win,
Like a boxing or wrestling ring

They feed us bullshit, they fed us lies,
They cover up the people's cries,
They ridicule those who say they are bad,
Those against them, they label mad

But humans are starting to stand,
In a circle of love, hand in hand,
End this darkness, to find the light,
We won't back down without a fight

We are awake! The lion shan't sleep!
We aren't frightened, following sheep,
We have remembered who we are,
We say, 'Your real self isnt far'.