Research on collision of black holes
July 14, 2009 20:54

LEIDEN - Astronomical Simon Portegies Zwart will examine black holes and colliding galaxies also in together.

Super Heavy black holes exist in the cores of galaxies. From this particular celestial body can no light or dust escape through the enormous gravity.

Portegies Zwart doing research with a grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). He is connected to the Sterrewacht Leiden University of Leiden.


Galaxies are always larger by sliding them together. Scientists assume that the black holes in the core overlap.

That is not so simple. The study should show what really happens.


Portegies Zwart said Tuesday that the black holes in the core together with the telescope of the galaxy can easily miss. They keep running around each other. Occasionally swinging a star with very high speed road.

At that time, they slightly closer together, because energy is taken away. In order to move in together, they come as close as the distance from the Earth to the Sunday


In that case, it happened quickly, said Portegies Zwart. That was more calculated by the scientist Albert Einstein. Black holes have an enormous gravity, they are much heavier than the Sunday

Some one billion times more mass. The black hole in the heart of our galaxy is four million times as heavy as the Sunday


It is not known how the super-heavy black holes in the heart itself, that in large galaxies heavier than those in smaller ones. This means that the mass of the black hole is proportional to that of the galaxy.

From the 'normal' black holes in galaxies is known how they arise. They are in fact the remains of stars. Their mass is only between three and twenty times larger than that of the Sunday


With the stock market may astronomer and scientist Portegies Zwart and his colleagues five years of research.

It consists mainly of calculations on the computer, some of which will take months. The scientists work closely with colleagues abroad, especially in the United States and Japan.

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