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On February 11, 2011 two deputies went to the home of Chuck Zukowski to relieve him of his badge, gun and ID, handing him a termination letter ending his eight year stint as a reserve sheriff’s deputy in El Paso County, Colorado. The letter begins, “The termination is a result of you conducting paranormal and unidentified flying object investigations into animal mutilations…”

Zukowski has been conducting paranormal investigations for decades, many of which are documented on his website, He is also a family man and successful microchip engineer. However, for the last eight years he has put aside time to help out the El Paso County Sherriff’s Department as a volunteer reserve deputy.

Lately Zukowski’s paranormal investigations have been getting more press. He lectures all over the country on Roswell and conducts ghost investigations, but the sheriff department’s point of contention came with a string of mysterious cattle/horse mutilations in Colorado that Zukowski investigated.

According to the sheriff’s department Zukowski publicly contradicted and was critical of their findings in relation to a horse mutilation in Rush Colorado in August of 2010. In an article by regarding the Rush mutilations, it stated that the horse’s owner and Zukowski disagreed with the sheriff department’s conclusion that the death was due to “animal activity.” Furthermore, Zukowski’s website pointed out that deputies are not trained for these sorts of investigations. He says he offered to conduct training, but was turned down.
The sheriff’s department’s termination letter also stated, “Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy, the media reports allude to you as ‘volunteer El Paso County Sheriff’s Department deputy.’” Zukowski says he has never told the press his credentials as a reserve deputy, and he is not responsible for their inclusion of that fact.

In a recent story by News First 5, they looked into what provision of the county’s rules of conduct Zukowski may have violated. They say that they “discovered one provision that limits employees from criticizing the sheriff’s office. However, the rule doesn’t extend to off-duty, private conversations.”

Zukowski wonders, “Is having a volunteer deputy sheriff running UFO/Paranormal investigations on his personal time considered an eye sore to the Sheriff’s department? So much so, that they want him out of their department?”

There are many people in law enforcement conducting paranormal investigation off-duty. Their skill set and experience is invaluable when it comes to collecting evidence. For the sake of paranormal investigation, hopefully this sort of news does not deter others from their quest to seek answers into the unknown.


Zukowski on duty. (image credit: Chuck Zukowski)

El Paso County Sheriff’s department termination letter

Horses Mutilated in Rush Colorado! 08/11/2010
Fact! Two horses found mutilated on August 11th, 2010.
Fact! Two surviving animals, one horse, one dog found with unknown marks.
Fact! High electro-magnetic field readings measured on surviving dog.
Fact! Strange “whooshing” sound heard by wife of rancher two days before mutilations. During the day time!
What happened in the peaceful area of Rush Colorado one hour east of Colorado Springs? What happened on a dark moon-less night of Tuesday, August 10th ? What caused the mysterious “whooshing” sounds heard by the rancher’s wife Glenda, on Sunday afternoon August 8th? What caused the unusual markings on two surviving animals after the incident? Well, these were the questions the UFOnut investigative team set out to try to understand. Interviewing eyewitnesses, investigating the actual mutilation sites, checking the welfare of the slightly injured animals, and collecting data, these were our tasks at hand. And now these are our notes being released to you!
Two horses were mutilated and killed in the back pasture on this particular ranch. One named “Princess”, a one year old Paint horse, and another named “Buck”, a four year old Rocky Mountain horse. Two other animals were found alive with unusual markings on them, a yearling named, “King”, and the pet dog named, “Cody”. All three horses, Princess, Buck, and King, were fed grain with apple treats. No unusual diets which would single them out from the rest of the animals.
All pictures on this blog were taken August 28th, 18 days after the mutilation date, by the UFOnut investigative team. At time of investigation, no veterinarian has examined the carcasses or injured animals.

Buck was found on 08/11/2010 laying on his left side in the back pasture. He was healthy and his net worth was about $1000.00. He was not insured due to cost.
Tanya, Mike and Glenda’s neighbor who was also Buck’s trainer, described her initial viewing of the animal. “Buck was laying on his left side which exposed the right side to her. First she noticed his eye was missing and the tongue appeared to have been surgically removed. The back anal area was cut out in an unusual circular manner void of the penis. Upon closer visual examination, a long ( T ) like incision was seen going down the abdominal area of the animal with no signs of blood pooling due to the massive wound.”
Rancher Mike had stated he noticed the hide on Buck was grayish in color around the incisions. The left side of Buck appeared to be stripped to the bone from the side of the head to the upper neck. The left eye was missing too! He also claimed the cuts appeared to be laser like with a burn type smell associated with them. Due to the decomposition of the hide, burn markings were not visible upon our investigation.
When alive, Buck’s height was about 5 feet from the top of his back, and his weight was estimated at 1100 pounds. Scavenging was obviously present, but the carcass had not been moved from the original discovery area.
Dark soil which appeared to consist of excreted body fat and muscle fluids, roughly covered an area of 11 feet by 13 feet. The carcass was positioned on it’s side laying in a direction towards 30 degrees, northeast.
No radiation was detected at or near the animal, and its complete length was roughly 9 feet. The head measured 18 inches long by 11 inches wide at lower jaw, and when the head was turned over it revealed decomposing hide away from a possible circular area cut.
One side of the visible rib cage measured at 25 inches and appeared to be of normal health. The left hind leg was roughly 38 inches extended respectively, and the right front leg was 32 inches long.
EMF readings were measured at 4 to 8 microteslas throughout the body, and 10 microteslas at the head. The metal detector “wand” showed no signs of internal metal, and there were no unusual compass movements near or around the animal.
Note: EMF measurements are taken with a Natural Tri Field meter. We use this type of meter to look for stationary Electro-Magnetic fields which could be caused by electronic devices or residual fields from previous electronic devices. Just slowly wave the meter over the animal looking for a possible stationary field. For ghost hunting, you would place the meter down and hope a moving field would venture towards it. (ie. ghost)
Unusual etch-like markings were found on the rib cage on 9 of the 11 ribs visible. Markings started approximating three inches from the spine near the head region, and were consistent on all ribs progressively moving in a straight-line pattern to the 11th rib approximately 6 inches from the spine.
Note: These markings were not the cause of tissue connection or scavenger biting, but were bizarrely pattern consistent.

Approximately 260 feet away in a northeast direction lay the carcass of Princess. Princess was found on 08/11/2010, and was currently worth, $300.00. She was healthy but not insured due to cost. Her height when alive was estimated 4 feet from the top of her back and her estimated weight was 900 pounds.
Her carcass had been moved by scavengers and was scattered within a 22 foot area. After interviewing the rancher, the body was originally positioned about 30 degrees northeast. This is identical to the directional position Buck was found laying.
Tanya, Mike and Glenda’s neighbor stated, “Upon initial visual examination, Princess appeared as if she was just sleeping on her right side. A closer look at the exposed left side of her, revealed a 2 inch long 1 inch wide area shaved off to the skin on her front lower leg. Tanya also noticed the horse’s left eye was missing and the tongue appeared to have been surgically removed. In between the breast area, a 6 inch long 1 inch wide incision was seen too!” Blood appeared to have been pooling from a massive wound on the opposite side, but the animal was not turned over for Tanya to see.
On the right side of Princess, the rancher noticed the skin was stripped to the bone from the side of the head, down the neck similar to Buck. He did notice blood pooling around the animal.
Two separate dark soil areas consisting of body fat and muscle fluid excretion, roughly measured an area of 10 feet on the left and 12 feet on the right facing north.
No radiation was detected at or near the animal, and EMF readings were 4 to 7 microteslas at the body, and 10 microteslas at head. The metal detecting “wand” showed no hits, and there were no unusual compass movements around the carcass.
The complete length of the carcass is unknown due to scavenging and separation of the skeleton. The head measured 16 inches long by 9 inches wide at lower jaw, and the left hind leg measured roughly 16 inches long and the right front leg measured 26 inches in length correspondingly.
Note: We were unable to calculated accurate measurements due to the skeleton placement, so these were estimates.
Both horses normally didn’t venture out into the back pasture at night, and would normally stay in the barn during the evening. The night of the mutilation, the pet dogs were howling aggressively and were extremely restless. Rancher Mike had to go outside briefly to quiet them and didn’t notice anything unusual at that time. Also found quite strange by Mike, Glenda and Tanya, was the lack of evidence of struggle by both animals. There should have been defensive markings on the soil if the animals were fighting to survive. Both horses lay rigid appearing in a “tense-like” manner, comparing to plastic toy horse figures.
The surviving yearling named, “King”, appears to be healthy but very skittish. The animal’s behavior has changed dramatically since the day the other horses were found dead. King was running around as if possessed with ADHD, and literally moved in front of me protecting his sister Princess, when I was staring my investigation. I had to pause and stay with King a while to gain his trust before starting the field investigation on his sister’s remains.


There are also small unknown oval-like marks on the inside of his front leg, and a very suspicious three quarter inch circular mark above his left shoulder blade near two unknown lacerations. All the mark locations did not appear to harm the animal when touched, and did not reveal any type of EMF spiking when measured. No indication of metallic objects were located, when the metal detecting wand was used.
The surviving dog named, “Cody”, appeared to be healthy but very cautious. The rancher claims Cody will not leave the front porch at night now and wants to enter the house. Normally Cody would roam the grounds throughout the night.
Upon examination of Cody, the rancher had originally noticed small laceration type markings on his left front leg. The lacerations did not appear oozy or fresh nor harmful to the animal when handled. Metal detecting wand did not measure any type of metallic inserts, but the Tri-Field EMF meter did register unusual spiking within the mysterious marking area. EMF spikes of over 100 microteslas were measured and filmed. This is twice the magnetic field of our planet and was similar to the measurements found with the Aaron cattle mutilation case of 2009. A test case was performed by measuring a neighbor’s same sized dog in the subsequent area. No EMF spiking occurred and only 4 to 6 microteslas were measured on him.
Note: (Instant theory) Rubbing and feeling beneath the skin around the area of the EMF spiking revealed no internal abnormalities. No probe-like instruments or internal scar tissue were felt. No discomfort was felt by the animal and he seemed to enjoy the attention. One thought is a possible EMF charge currently existing on that area of the animal. This could be due to some type of electro-magnetic pulse/laser/beam/? instrument which caused the scaring. Maybe it’s residual energy. Close attention to the health of this animal will determine if funding is required for an x-ray examination.
Some local residents believe in the possibility of “Black Stealth Helicopters” being the culprit of past and present mutilations in the area. Rancher Glenda remembers hearing a “whooshing” sound two days before the mutilations occurred, and local resident (name withheld) remembers seeing an aircraft of this type in previous years. Dark in color, no visible markings or FAA lettering, no conventional sounding engines, these type of aircraft seem to pop up from time to time. Another interview suggested unknown and unusually looking lights in the sky being the culprit. Illuminating and moving unlike conventional aircraft normally seen in the area, these strange lights zig-zagging back and forth, seem to defy modern day physics.
Preliminary Conclusion
Local authorities were initially contacted and a criminal case report was filed. No further law enforcement action was noticed by the ranchers, so they assume the case has been closed. The UFOnut investigative team was told they did a more detailed and intensive investigation than law enforcement. This is not surprising due to the lack of knowledge typical law enforcement representatives have on this subject. One action item is to contact the initial deputy requesting his report and pictures. Ranchers state three deputies arrived, one the first day of the 911 call, and two more the following day doing a follow-up. Further communication with the rancher will continue discussing the health of the surviving horse and dog. On-going monitoring will be needed.
This on-site investigation was initially to be quick and non-detailed due to the amount of time since the mutilation and the decomposition of the carcasses. But upon arrival, the investigation took a detailed turn and became a fact finding mission. Too many unanswered questions and too many unknown details were discussed not only with the ranchers but with their neighbors as well. This investigation will be on-going with future visits hopefully gathering new information. It seems this part of Colorado has a history of strange and extraordinary occurrences which demand close examination. Up to the challenge, the UFOnut team will pursue, investigate and inform the readers if any new evidence should appear.