Truth feeder
Telepathic transmission 22-25 February 2011 Meredith Murphy

Residents of the New Earth: Arise!

The time has come for your vessels to shine forth in love, emitting a vibration of peace and calm to support the transition in your world from the old to the new. You are essential and vital and fully resourced, and the time has come to arise.

The Old Earth is dissolving. More and more you will discover this as you dip in and out of the different spectrums of frequency and with this, feel the different energies of the two overlapping worlds — one emerging, one dissipating.

Fulfilling your mission here is possible because of the shift to the New Earth Timeline, the multitudes focused on love and unity and learning to live from these ideals as energy, and from the continual infusions of light that you give one another as well as those being transmitted from beyond the Earth-scape.

As you become more attuned to when you are in the New Earth energies and when you are not, you will orient yourself to the qualities of this newness and the remaining patterns and understandings that were informed by the qualities of the 3rd dimensional Earth, will be revealed.

Awakening to your new residency will liberate you from the laws of the 3rd dimension…as we have said before: choose what rules apply to you. You do this by the frequency spectrum you have access to. In embodying particular ideals or qualities, your vibration or frequency reflects these. With different qualities comes different experiences, capacity and perspective and at particular boundaries and shifts in frequency one experiences different “rules” or laws of the way energy performs and is.

Although we gave many suggestions last fall in our message, “Lightworker to the New Human,” it appears that there is still some confusion and many doubts about what energy is old energy and what energy is new energy. We wish at this time to provide further details and examples in the hopes that this gives assistance to those desiring to participate in full residency in the New Earth. By highlighting what might not be yet seen as an older energy pattern, we can help you to choose and thereby create the alignments energetically which will make your more sustained residency in the New Earth energies, possible.

This is important to consider as the chaos within the 3rd dimension is only going to increase.

The energy of BEING, is of the new earth. You are, remember, an energy system; a transducer for source energy. Bringing the spectrum of light that is in harmony with you into creative forms and versions reflecting your blueprint and inspired and in harmony with the residence of your focus and your informed inner knowing. This is your identity as an eternal creative being.

Now, consider if you will, what you are collectively creating...

I remind you of the amazing icon in your culture of the butterfly which is created from the caterpillar. The caterpillar that crawls into his own energy-nest and moves into a gelatinous unformed state only to emerge eventually as a beautiful, and entirely different FORM.

The Earth and many of you are already experiencing some of this process—you are being called to release so many patterns and habits, senses of identity which are no longer how you wish to explore your aliveness. They now feel too small and therefore feel limiting and even, you see insulate you from receiving your expanded capacity. For remember, the limitations are reflections in frequency, which defines spectrum of experience. And you wish to enlarge this, in order to shift into New Earth, 5th Dimensional Residency.

Coming forth into newness for you is not the same process as the caterpillar, but we remind you of this well known metamorphosis to highlight one very salient fact: the form which is dissolving will not return. So it’s important to not place your allegiance with any of the things which are indeed dissolving.

It is time to consider what you do “hang your hat on” and to ask your heart to reveal to you anything you are attached to which is not in essence, also timeless, eternal and in vibrational alignment with the New Earth.

The New Earth (or the butterfly in this "story") is being energetically created simultaneously as the Old Earth (or caterpillar) un-forms/dissolves. What you may not realize is that you are all, already inside of the “pod” of your own making and are collectively undergoing this metamorphosis.

You are all energetically part of one unified field of the Earth and all who call Earth home, and together you have already begun this process. Within the “pod” of what is dissolving, some of you are accelerating and supporting this process by readily letting go, trusting and going with the flow of the entropy which is apparent in the 3rd dimension and also the natural expansion and shifts which elevate you into the new dimension. This is natural and in divine timing; all is orchestrated to fulfill the transformation of the entire organism--the biosphere of Earth and all her inhabitants will dissolve into energy and also be transformed into newness. So you will if you choose, ascend and participate. If you choose not to, you will leave the earth--your current form dissolving and the energy will also be transformed into something new.

It’s hard to explain to you exactly what is taking place, in a way in which you can visualize it, but consider that the New Earth and the Old Earth occupy the same space…just at different frequencies. You flip between these depending on your focus and although you may not yet have the visual capacity to “see” when you’re flipping back and forth there are different qualities to the energy in each of these domains and you may certainly begin to attune yourself to these.

The predominant energy in the New Earth is light, peace, calm, ease, curiosity, joy, love, aliveness. You flow with complete relaxation and acceptance of all things which is accompanied by a cycle of energy which undulates between creativity and periods of simply being. Energy flows in cycles and waves and here you are entirely one with these, there is no distraction of doubt or worry for your oneness belies this. You are one with all existence and in this dimension as individualized focus the awareness of this is pervasive.

The predominant energies in the old earth, reflect the dominant experience of a limited, local identity: the interests of securing yourself, planning and arranging things, comparing and competing, frustration and impatience, worry and blame, sorrow and grief, and in the worse situations fear, unworthiness, insecurity, violence, anger and a sense of powerlessness and despair. Doubt is an anchor to the old earth and there are well established pathways which take you from many points of observation or awareness into well-worn neural net loops of fear and worry, all of which further destroys the quality of your experience and also what experience will come forth as a result of being degraded energetically; the vibration is weighed down.

The way to cultivate a new home—a 5th dimensional home—is an inner game that is accomplished by becoming entirely vertical; by taking small steps continually to open to your inner connection and to grow the trust in this. There is no sending energy to others, there is BEING energy. There is no worrying or trying to control, manipulate or coerce others to get what you want in experience for you’re not trying to get things through others, you’re bringing the energy into your being from your connection with all-that-is, and anchoring it into physicality through your human physical focus point. In the New Earth, You and others enjoy a sustained feeling of connection and openness, you collaborate, share, enjoy and BE together, and this is profoundly wonderful.

Even healing is an old energy; the new energy is wholeness—continually bringing things into wholeness. Healing has within it the framework, the attention to something not right—rather then something continually evolving and yet perfect and yet evolving and yet perfect and yet evolving! In wholeness you will teach one another to be whole by modeling the vibrational changes possible through attention and focus and conduct your energy in one anothers presence (virtual or in person) in such a way as to offer each other new pathways of flowing your energy and therefore, bringing more wholeness into being. You become creators of pathways and thus pave the way for others to experience what you create with easy access, and through entrainment and emulation and choice, energy fields experience the momentum of a thriving, radiantly expansive quality of aliveness.

As any of you reside in the Old Earth — you will increasingly find much is falling apart and if you are holding onto this it is entirely natural that you would be afraid. Remember this and be very very gentle with anyone not yet ready to let go and any aspect of yourself which is still invested in aspiration that were entirely suitable in the 3rd dimensional Earth, yet which are no longer even possible. Many who are experiencing thwarted desires for enormous financial success and external validation, are not yet realizing that abundance and love are fluid entirely present and available on the New Earth.

As you exist in the frequency of the New Earth you will make a beautiful discovery: YOU HAVE ENOUGH. We caution you here to not hear the word “enough” the way you may have seen this in the Old Earth experience. Enough does not mean deprivation. It does not mean settling. It does not mean just survival. Enough means that you have what you love, what you enjoy and what you need. You are living in the luxury of being and the glorious beauty of the Earth and yet you may own very little and a lot of things and experiences flow through you. While you can use things and enjoy them, they remain in your experience. You will discover the weight of excess—things you do not regularly enjoy or need — will be unacceptable to you, and in this you will create new collective ways of living and being which allow you to have what you need when you need and want it and to experience a far simpler life in terms of your relationship to money.

Residents of the New Earth have aligned with their own worthiness and love themselves without restraint — this is a fundamental energy of the New Earth and while any of you are experiencing self-loathing, self-criticism or disconnection from yourself through looking outside of yourself for answers — you will find these feelings and focus take pop you right back in the Old Earth energies.

Money while still an aspect of your current systems of exchange in both worlds, will also begin to flow more freely as there is less of a desire to create stagnancy of this energy form by collecting more than you need. In the New Earth and with a joyous appreciation of your own divinity, it would not occur to you to accumulate large sums of money, nor to use such money to establish your value or credibility with others. It simply will not have the cache it seemed to have in the old world. As a result, your experience with money will become remarkable clean and simple. Money is just a tool, it’s like a hammer — and having five hammers doesn’t make someone more interesting or give you more self-confidence then having one great working hammer. It’s simply not necessary and will increasingly appear to you for what it truly is: reflecting insecurity and obsessing. While you may still use money to transact and exchange in your culture, it will feel quite different and as the readjustments and realignments continue to unfold as the Earth moves toward ultimate residency in the 5th dimension, you will marvel at the enormity of these changes!

Ideally the letting go is graceful and newness enters by opening the door yourself. Demonstrate the possibility of this with your own lives and realize that influence is also an inner game. Anything which is horizontal — energy wise — is an old energy. Be who you choose to be and live authentically with exactly where you are now. You are entirely beautiful and your exact qualities of being right here right now are pure and perfect and divinely aligned and inspired. With this inner knowing and deep appreciation of self you will soar!

You will learn to experience merging, being, being with, converging, amplifying, reflecting, absorbing, radiating, broadcasting, transmitting, and even RECEIVING — but energetically in an entirely new way. The Old Earth energy of giving, appears transformed in the New Earth aspect of Being an authentic, consciously choosing, creating, channel of love and light. As you experience yourself tapped into Source and flowing freely as an open channel of aliveness, then your giving takes the form of FOCUSING the energy which flows through you—you are like a lens for LIGHT!

Your focus is apparent in the quality of your presence, the energy and tone of your creations — speech, gesture, attention, work, inventions, etc. You exist fully free, as you choose, and are inspired to movement when the divine timing aligns in you—and yet all is ultimately harmonized across time and space. Mysterious and simply something to know through experience rather then to convey via the limitations of language.

Stillness, being, dissolving consciously into oneness will become more and more familiar to you as you encounter yourself in this new home of time/space. And as you begin to orient to these new aspects of your new home base dimension, you will be inspired and truly begin to co-create, envision and expand the civilization, the potential of humanity and to see and bring forth greater wholeness on Earth. There is GREAT anticipation of this in the heavens!

The full flip, or emergence, into this New Earth is a ways off. There are lots of adjustments to be made and these are ideally made as gradually and gracefully as possible because this allows for the quickest and greatest inclusion of all.

Take the lids off of your inner knowing and shine forth dear ones.

The time has come for the residents of the New Earth to arise!

After all; those who are still not sure what’s happening will need to find their way, and they will not have the years or decades to do so that some of you did. The events that are happening as a result of the old earth dissolving are happening in closer and closer points of time and the feeling of things intensifying and speeding up as a result of these rapid changes is challenging for all still holding on and residing in the dissolving (or sinking) 3rd dimensional earth-scape.

Be peace. Be love Be YOU. With great love. We speak from the Records of Creation through the love-filled heart of Naeshira.