Lady of Light

I have been a Sensitive all my life. I have always been able to sense spirits around me. I also have been able to see "ghosts" as a child.

What I didn't realize was that I could also feel residual energy.

About 5 years ago, when I moved into the house that I am currently living in, I thought the house was haunted. I knew in my mind that it couldn't possibly be, but nonetheless, I was pretty freaked out. I could feel the energy that felt like spirits in the house. Especially in certain areas of the house. The high traffic areas were the scariest, and the basement living room was the safest feeling.

Well, I came to realize that it was just the residual energy of all those who have been in the house before me and I just wasn't used to their energies, so naturally I thought it was ghosts or something.

I now know the difference in feelings between spirits and other energies and I am no longer afraid.

I love that I am blessed with the ability to feel and see these things. I am teaching my children about these things and to not be afraid when something happens to them.


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your children are blessed indeed to have your guidence about the energies they are feeling. I believe children are sensitive and often enough what they are seeing or feeling is not supported because of being told its only your imagination or that these things are not real.

I am a Sensitive too and clear the energies of my home when I first moved in and keep doing so on a regular basis.