A couple of inventions patented in Romania could radically improve the heating supply, the home building system and the crop yield, all to the communities’ benefit, informs the Gandul daily reporting in detail these innovative ideas by several Romanian researchers.

The first belongs to a philosophy professor of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara (west) who along with the University’s rector Nicolae Robu and a young researcher invented a solar water heating device whose yield is much higher than that of the most sophisticated solar vacuum ultraviolet absorption systems, and moreover, it is 15-20 times cheaper, the daily reads on.

The device is made of a system of organic glass lens that focuses the sun light on a pipe, and heats it up to 300- 800 C degrees, at certain points. According to the thermos iphon principle, the hot water runs along the pipes by itself, and no electric pump is needed to push it.

The inventors agreed with the mayor of Timisoara to have lens 2-meters in diameter and a water pipe network mounted in a field several ha large, outside Timisoara city, and the system is expected to supply hot water and heating to the 300,0000 inhabitants of the city, from March till October.

Engineer Vasile Moga an expert in the material technology with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest patented a system of composite panels made inside of a paper and cardboard, aluminum or iron comb, coated in plastics, like the chocolate coated wafers. The Romet SA Buzau (south) bought the patent and is to build houses, whose walls are made of such composite panels.

The inventor says that the American Architects Association and Japanese researchers reached the conclusion, three years before, that this comb-type panel currently used to manufacture aircraft wings are the building material to revolutionize the dwelling building after 2015-2020.
Such an 11-cm-thick wall insulates like a 4-meter-thick brick wall, and it is self supporting so that a 2-storey building can be built without any resistance structure, and the manufacturer supplies the walls already finished.

A house made of such panels is by 50 percent cheaper, the Gandul daily says. Another inventor Ioan Davidoni from Timisoara conceived a magnetic fertilizer made of magnetic filings and rare earths, which if put at the plant’s root positively influence its energetic aura and enhances by 30 percent the sugar content of fruit, and by 300 percent the production.

Physicist Aurel Enache from Ploiesti (60 km north of Bucharest) earned a license for a device, which works wonders when mounted on a natural gas pipeline, namely ‘it loads the methane molecules with the vacuum zero point energy, which makes the methane’s heating power to go higher by 40 percent. Enache mounted such a device on the pipeline supplying the heating system of his flat and, noticed that the methane gas bill was indeed by 40 percent lower, last winter.

Another researcher Florin Stanica of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest succeeded to grow Chinese kiwi and dates in a test garden in Bucharest, where he planted the kiwi and the date trees, specific to subtropical areas, although Romania has a temperate climate. Stanica was watching the trees and helped them to acclimatize to the winter weather, the Gandul daily reports.