Sahara could provide Europe-wide energy


Sahara could provide Europe-wide energy
Monday, March 16, 2009

A very small part of the Sahara with solar panels to cover you throughout Europe powered. That was an optimistic sound on the three climate conference last week at the University of Copenhagen.

,, North Africa, Europe can deliver all the energy it needs, "says Anthony Patt, who does research at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria. In the Sahara the sun shines twice as hard as in Spain. In winter slide rarely clouds for Sunday Europe has for some time interested in a project for solar energy from the Sahara out.

"The system is both technically and financially feasible," said Patt. Simply a group of desert the size of a small European country with solar panels to cover. Patt to establish a system whereby the sun to convert water into steam. There are pilot projects in the pipeline for this system in Egypt, Morocco and Algeria.


The conference report in December to members of the UN climate summit in Copenhagen over.

"It is a cheap form of solar energy," says Pat, "and prices for electricity transmission are sensitive fallen. According to his calculations, an investment of 55 billion euro project attractive to private investors.



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