We can but tell you to keep looking forward and not back, as the past is being overtaken by the coming changes. It clearly takes to time to reach that vital point, when it can be considered indicative of a major step forward required on our part. We have our allies making ground to help set up an ever-increasing encirclement that is limiting the activities of the dark Ones. At the same time they respond by dragging out their final capitulation to our demands, in spite of knowing that their cause is lost. It may sound simple to tie up the loose ends, but with the importance of what we are doing it is sometimes the trickiest part. However, we can more than match them, as you might say “Man for Man” and in real terms we follow their plans extremely carefully. We can afford to wait a little longer to ensure that when we move into action, it is final and lasting.

Already we command a great influence through our allies, and it is resulting in support from various governments that is necessary if the announcement is to run smoothly. When it does we accept that many people will be commenting on it, and we are prepared for a negative response from some quarters, but it will not make any difference. Indeed if you consider how long you have been expecting the announcement, it follows that many people will have already become acquainted with its whole purpose. It may surprise many people, but we feel that shock may only affect a small minority who are mainly those who have an unyielding mindset. We do understand and you will find that special attention will be given to them, so that they can come to their own realisation of the truth in their own way.

The ramifications of many aspects of our coming are anticipated, none more than our appreciation of how it will “upset” those with a strong religious belief. It is however interesting that the Vatican recently acknowledged our presence, and not in any way as a threat to them or their followers. All things will slot into place given time, and remember there is only the One Truth that must replace anything less. Again it will not be imposed upon people, and we accept that they must be allowed to gravitate towards it in their own time. Using force in any circumstances is non-productive and only alienates those concerned.

Let us say that there is only the one God of this Universe therefore regardless of the different names used, you are all offering your prayers and supplications to the same God. That should lead to some coming together, to find the common ground that will enable a closer link between the various religions. It only requires that all people have an open mind, and are prepared to accept the teachings of those who are known to you as the Masters. Trust your intuition that will lead you to the truth at a level that you can understand. To use your saying, there is no point in trying to run before you can walk. Talking with you directly, the Masters will offer you positive proof of your purpose in life and what lies ahead in your future. Whatever way you look at it you are privileged to be on Earth right now, as it is a great and unique occasion offering you a wonderful opportunity to advance your evolution in leaps and bounds.

It is not even necessary to be fully enlightened about Ascension to ascend, but simply to be of good intent and live the love that is inside your heart for all life forms. See the love in another and know that when you share yours it is bringing it out from them. Other souls can learn from your example, as they will understand that it is the Light and Love that stands above all else. Ask yourself why you are here at this special time, because you all have something to offer that is important to the whole. That is how we of the Galactic Federation view our contact with you, as without exception those who meet us are immediately aware of our energy that is peaceful and uplifting. It makes you feel good to be in our company, and you can be exactly the same. Give of your love regardless, and perhaps you will calm those who are wild and reckless who act as undisciplined children.

You can lift up those who are venturing out on their Ascension path, and may need your boost to help their confidence. In fact once you put out the thought that you want to be of service to others; you will find that opportunities to do so will cross your path. Be certain that Spirit welcomes those who do so, and their abilities will not be wasted. Many Lightworkers are of course already well into using their particular specialities and skills, and like you came to Earth to contribute to the needs of others in this special time. We in turn are backing you up in your work, as are your Guides and other Spiritual Beings. It is a massive joint effort that is ensuring that the dark energies are held in check, and of course their ultimate demise. Keep within the Light and you can go about your tasks without fear or interruption. Bless those who do not share your understanding and cannot release their attachment to the lower vibrations. They are cared for as much as any soul so do not be too concerned, as all will eventually turn out for their best advantage.

Indeed Dear Ones the whole issue of Ascension is well in our control, and we have the highest orders of energy with us. No one can usurp the Divine Plan, and that should remove any doubts that some of you may hold. You have waited a million years for this particular time, and believe us you will complete this cycle in a most successful way. It will fulfil the promises that God made to you when you originally set out on your journey. The joy and happiness will reverberate around the Universe, and know that the interest in your Ascension goes far and wide which will tell you how much you are revered and loved.

You are not just any old souls but have been specially granted the experience of duality. You did so knowing that it would be a most astonishing and demanding experience, but one that would fulfil your spiritual thirst for knowledge and advancement. Your faith has been exemplary and undaunted by the darkness that you have endured, and now you rise up into the Light again a far greater Being than when you first started. You are very special souls, and that is not intended to place you above others, but to recognise the bravery and determination you have shown to complete the course.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and add my personal blessings for you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.