Laura: Good afternoon SaLuSa. Here is our first question: “A question that worries me a lot is, do I have to physically die on Earth to ask for illumination and preparation for Ascension, or can I do this in this terrestrial life with discipline? Invoking my guardian angels and the Light Beings? But how can I achieve this if I can’t even achieve for a minute a second of peace and I have not been able to silence it not even for a moment? Could you help me please with this, could you gift me instructions on what I have to do to improve my mental, spiritual and physical state? How can I help my loved ones and those around me?.”

SaLuSa: As we have said previously Ascension does not require the death of your physical body at this time. It is one of the rare occasions where humans are allowed ascend directly with their physical bodies. Although there will be need for your physical bodies to be altered from what they are now however. The changes in your bodies will take place one step at the time, according to the cosmos incoming energies. There are also a great number of ascended beings working to facilitate healing your bodies, upgrade DNA and reactive and develop your subtle higher bodies. Your bodies will move from carbon based bodies to crystalline bodies.

Although we have already started this work with some of you, the vast majorities of healing and regeneration will take place after disclosure. We have planned a great deal all the necessary stages for this. You brothers and sisters from Inner Earth will also help a great deal with this matter. We will help you with the necessary transitions step by step. If you wish to start work on yourself now, we have dealt with all these type of questions in previous messages. I would encourage you to read all previous messages from this channel, as well as messages from Mike Quinsey.

You will find a great amount of details in the messages. I would recommend circulating the light within your limbs and your spine. This would help the healing of the body, but also of the emotions and of your mind. In this manner your higher self will also be allowed working with your body directly. All that is required for this is you to bring your attention to your body and your emotions. Sensation of your body will help your higher self penetrate your body and proceed with healing and upgrading your DNA code.

Regarding finding peace within, this is a difficult thing for most of you dear friends. The mind never stays still, it is always planning ahead or reviewing the past. It never can accept to just be still, in the now moment. You are all constantly picking up interference noise from each other and from other dimensions. At times, personalities from your past lives will also resurface, like the trace of a ghost. It will never end, dear ones, for as long as you are in duality. What is important however is to distance yourself from the inner talk, form the commentator.

This is a flow of words and images, such as your radio or your television. It is taking place in the front of your brain. A good way of distancing yourself from it is to anchor your light in your back, focus on your feet rooted in Mother Earth and in your body in general. Connect with the part of your brain which is located in the lower back of your head. This part is connected to the higher energies and to your spine. It travels right down into Mother Earth through your spine. The more you practice doing this, the more you will find inner strength and inner peace dear one.

You have probably noticed that people age at various speeds. This has to do with their health and the purity of their body. The more your higher self can integrate your body, the slower the aging process. The Ascended Masters from your planet have learnt to Ascend on their own, just with the help from higher self. Some of them were also in various Mystery Schools where ancient knowledge has been preserved in order for your species to ascend according in their life time.

Much of this knowledge was found in Tibet, in Egypt, in Atlantis, or in Sumner for instance. They have reached knowledge to immortality. Because of the mass Ascension will take place at the end of 2012, those of you who are willing and whose vibrations will allow for Ascension, will be carried by the higher energies, by the energy of your brothers and sister and by the energy of Mother Earth.

Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. Our here is our next question: “Hey Laura! as a 17-year-old high School student, it can become quite a difficult challenge to balance this information with a close minded and freedom stripping system such as school. I understand the basics when SaLuSa says to release old energies and what not and that many from the past are now surfacing. My question is, how do we actually let go of these emotions, these blockages. And then what it the confirmation that such a thing took place? heheh, i have a HUGE problem with communicating with other humans.”

SaLuSa:: Your current education system is indeed in much need of reform. The current system fails to take into account the essence of the young pupils and to adapt to their needs. The system expects the students to adapt to the system. We realize that the expectations are not always realistic, nor are they taking into account each pupil’s individual and specific capabilities, talents, knowledge and skills. The current system wishes to mold all youth into serving drones and deprive all of skills and higher intelligence. We look forward to presenting our cultures and education system to your leaders, as soon as change in government takes place.

What is needed in order to “let go” and release blockages is to be present in your life. All you need is to see where there is pain and to be a witness to it.

You can ask for help from your guides and higher self in order to release your pain even further. Seeing what is, is the first important step to your liberation. Be present in your life when you meditate, when you eat, when you walk, when you interact with others. You are all multi-dimensional beings dear ones. Although you do not have consciousness of all the other dimensions you are living in. You become aware of other realms in dreams as well as in meditation. In your daily life, you fail to realize your connection to all that exists however.

As soon as you understand that all the events in your life happen for a reason, although you may not yet be aware of the reason, you will come to a better understanding of others and of yourself.

We always encourage you to try to relate to others by finding what you have in common, rather than focusing on your differences. If you can open up your heart to those around you, and understand they too are subject to the same laws and realities as you are, you will begin to be feel more empathy for others. Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, as you say is also a good exercise in order to communicate and understand others better.

Dear friends compassion and love for those around you is critical in the present times. In order to better understand other’s needs, it is necessary to understand your own needs first. Share your love, patience and understanding with those who come to you for help and advice. However unsolicited for advice is not recommended. Try not to judge others, because they can only judge themselves eventually.

Be present in your life, open up your heart, be truthful to yourself, but do not hurt others in their resolve. Respect each others differences and find a common ground where possible, dear friend.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with these words for now. My heart is with you all dear ones. We are near you, and stand by for your call to us. We wish to support you and help you all find peace at all times.

Thank you, SaLuSa

Laura Tyco

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