You will awaken from the nightmare, the illusion, because it is your divine destiny to live eternally at one with God, your loving Father and Creator. That you chose to construct the illusion and hide yourselves from God within it was but a momentary attempt to cut yourselves off from your Source – and that is impossible.

Nevertheless, you did manage to convince yourselves that you had succeeded, by imagining an environment that was not particularly hospitable to the bodies in which you chose to undergo that experience. Consequently, your lives as humans have been very demanding as you find yourselves focusing almost ceaselessly on obtaining what you perceive as the essential necessities of life.

And it is a constant struggle for you to provide these basic necessities for yourselves, so much so that the vast majority of you have very little time or inclination to give serious consideration to the true meaning of your existence.

Yes, there have been attempts to understand what it is all about, but always with the assumption that your bodies and the world on which they experience existence is real and solid. That assumption makes it extremely difficult for you to connect with your Source, which cannot be perceived by the senses with which your bodies are endowed.

A few of you have very limited psychic abilities which convince you that there is more to life than your bodies can perceive, that all is not as it seems, and of course you are correct.

Others, through prayer, meditation, reflection, and inward focus, have had moments of knowing that there is a life of wonder and joy waiting for them to awaken.

They have tried to share this knowledge by talking and writing about it, but it can only be known by direct experience, and for the vast majority of humans, apparently confined in bodies, the need to care for those bodies keeps them almost permanently distracted from going within to find the divine Treasure that God has given them.

With the tide of divine energies now sweeping constantly over the planet to stimulate and encourage your awakening process, more and more of you are starting to have doubts about the value and sustainability of your illusory world, and are seeking guidance and information on the subject.

You are discovering that there is much available, encouraging and inspiring you to focus on the inner work you need to do in order to cope with the rise in frequency that is occurring in your energy fields in preparation for your move into fully-conscious living.

This inner work has to be done. But do not be put off by the uncomfortable emotions that arise as you do this work, for it is merely the release of pain memories from the past that, at the time they happened, were so unbearable that you buried them deep in the subconscious parts of your minds.

To do so was necessary to avoid going into deep depression or even despair, but they did fester and burn within you, and they now need your compassionate acknowledgment so that deep healing can occur, allowing you to release the defensive attitudes that you then embraced to avoid further pain.

The release of these memories and the unconditional forgiveness you offer those who caused them will bring you a welcome sense of peace as you start to feel the uplifting energies nudging you towards awakening – the energies that stimulated you to start doing that essential inner work.

Your frequencies are rising in preparation for your awakening. It is a little like the alarm clock going off in the morning and you pushing the “snooze” button; a few minutes later the clock buzzes again, but louder, and again you push the snooze button. After a number of cycles the buzz becomes so loud that you cannot avoid waking up. And so when your frequencies have risen high enough you will awaken into eternal joy.

With so very much love, Saul.

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