SBS comes with a new TV format in which children are central paranormal


SBS comes with a new TV format in which children are central paranormal
Thursday, April 23, 2009

SBS 6 is a new TV format in which children paranormal central. Children have more paranormal experiences than adults. Often, for themselves and their immediate surroundings difficult to unexplained events to a place. The program responds to this demand. Liesbeth van Dijk, finalist from the first series of the program The sixth sense, supports the children and their parents in dealing with this special gift. The program will soon be seen in SBS 6.

The increased attention to paranormal gifts in society is also in the television back, but never was the focus for the group who is the most open: children. It is by experts even claimed that each child for the sixth year a paranormal experience, but that all of us to learn to suppress.
Liesbeth van Dijk met in its regular practice, children who have special gifts, and things can the outside world not be taken. They talk to people and animals and imaginary friends. Often it is both the child and the immediate surroundings to make it difficult to go. SBS 6 jumps with a new program in the care of these children and their parents. In the program children tell their special story and discover it with the help of Liesbeth what's possible with their gift.

Liesbeth also had a child already paranormal experiences, but this was more a burden than a pleasure. "The theme I am very attached. As a child I often felt lonely and misunderstood in my abilities. I see that many children in my practice back. Also for the environment is often difficult to deal with this. I am glad that I have this television can play in, children and their parents can help. I am very much sense and we know that people will surprise and amaze with this television. "

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