Senator Karen Johnson has openly questions about 9-11 and wants a review


Senator Karen Johnson has openly questioned about 9-11 and wants a review

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is your daily politics show. Fortunately, more and more people. This time Senator Karen Johnson.

She praises Blair Gadsby, the man on hunger strike is to encourage people to look at the evidence that the official story of September 11 does. This part of her speech.

"... in particular, I would like to introduce to you a very Courageous man named Blair Gadsby. I'm going to ask the folks with Blair to help him stand, as I tell you just a little bit about him. Blair is very weak, because he has been fasting for more than two weeks to try to bring attention to the cause of 9 / 11 Truth. This is the 16th day that Blair has gone without food, and spent his day outside the office of U.S. Senator John McCain, pleading with the Senator to take a look at new evidence of the 9 / 11 crimes.

We have one man here, who is sacrifice his own personal needs and desires, to stand boldly, pleading for the world to take notice, to question, to research, and not place their lives in the hands of media sound bites. To think for themselves, consciously and critically.

Blair is an educator, and to me this is what great educators do. Thousands of people all over the country, and actually, around the world have been watching on the internet as this hunger strike progresses here in Phoenix. I want Blair to know that I am one of his biggest fans, and that good people everywhere admire him for his courage and determination.

Please give a warm welcome to Blair Gadsby and the 9 / 11 Truth movement. "

Senator Karen Johnson Brings 9 11 Truth to Arizona