Jewish Senator: Canada is part of United States


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On July 2013, Israel-Firster Jewish Senator Diane Feinstein, Chairwoman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, while defending the National Security Agency’s (NSA) top secret spying, she brought out a prop identifying North America – the United States, Canada and Mexico – as the HOMELAND.

“NSA has produced and declassified a chart, which I’d like to make available to all members,” said Feinstein, listing 54 total events of which 13 included the continent formerly known as North America.

Feinstein is part of the Jewish Lobby which is trying to cover-up NSA-Israel collaboration, brought into open by Guardian’s Jewish columnist, Glenn Greenwald last month.

NSA map could be written off as a design goof by the Senate officials. However, in November 2004, Canadian Jewish scholar, professor Michel Chossudovsky, had warned that territorial control over Canada is part of Washington’s military agenda given birth by Israel-Firster Donald Rumsfeld in April 2002.

“For nearly two years now, Ottawa has been quiely negotiating a far reaching military co-operation agreement, which allows the US military to cross the border and deploy troops anywhere in Canada, in our provinces, as well station American warships in Canadian territorial waters. The redesign of Canada’s defense system is being discussed behind closed doors, not in Canada, but at the Peterson Air Force base in Colorado, at the headquarters of US Northern Command (NORTHCOM),” wrote Chossudovsky.

Last month, the Toronto Star reported that Washington wants its police officers to be exempt from Canadian law when taking part in cross-border policing initiatives. I bet, both Washington and Ottawa controlled by the Jewish Lobby would love to unite to fight their common war on Muslims.

On September 12, 2008, former Mexican president Vicente Fox (2000-2006) in a speech at the Wayne State University said he wants a North American Union and single Amero currency. Fox with German family background, has always maintained friendly relations with American Jewish Congress.

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